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  • The Importance Of Art Integration In Education

    Integrating art unlocks the doors to learning, it is an important essential in today’s higher education. Some may ask what is the integration of arts? “Is an approach to teaching that integrates the fine and performing art.” A more-broad understanding is through the four essentials Yo-Yo Ma describes as, collaboration, flexible thinking, disciplined imagination and empathy. Yo-Yo Ma is a widely known cellist and songwriter, that started producing music from the age of five and has won over…

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  • Simone Forti Analysis

    Much like Cage, Monk found significance in spiritual discovery and Buddhism as applied to her art-making and the ecological themes explored in her performances. (Monk and Marranca, 2014). Simone Forti, a multi-faceted artist in her own right, refused to be defined by one discipline alone. Through her creative endeavors, Forti performed the role of dancer, choreographer, visual artist, musician, and writer. In synthesizing these endeavors, she developed a series of “dance constructions”—defined…

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  • Arts, Empathy, And Education By Yo-Yo Ma Analysis

    Arts Students in colleges or universities have complained that why they have to take music apprieciation or art apprieciation if they are majoring in biology or law. According to Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education by Yo-Yo Ma, “The value behind arts integration-collaboration, flexible thinking, and disciplined imagination- lead to the capacity to innovate” (Ma 258). In today society people live in a world where art is all around them, but they don’t know it. This is why universities…

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  • Aristotle's Strengths And Limitations Of Democracy

    perhaps the most quoted phrase from Aristotle’s Politics despite the observation that the context in which this claim was made has not always been properly understood. Recently, however, frustrations with the lack of political participation in modern liberal democracies have contributed to renewed interest in some of Aristotle’s ideas—namely, democratic theory. Throughout chapters 9 to 13 of Book 3 of Politics, Aristotle provides an empirical assessment of democracy’s strengths and limitations.…

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  • Importance Of Liberalism And Realism In The Globalized World

    Realism and Liberalism in a Globalized World: The study of International Relations revolves around the “decisions that are made within a country that have implications for relationships outside the borders of that country” (Kaufman, Page 2). In the current globalized world, countries are interdependent entities that must exist and interact with one another. The manner in which countries choose to engage with another, such as aggressively or civilly, can be predicted and analyzed through various…

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  • Fareed Zakaria The Rise Of Illiberal Democracy Analysis

    democracy” Fareed Zakaria used a term “illiberal democracy” in the journal “Foreign Affairs” in 1997. In the article he discussed the level of liberties and freedom in the countries that are democracies officially. He divided them into two polar groups: liberal democracies and illiberal democracies. He also gave the description for each of the groups and the reasons why he determined this or that country into a particular group. Let’s try to figure out what is the phenomenon which was defined…

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  • Tocqueville Democracy In America Analysis

    Tocqueville: Final Exam In Tocqueville’s Democracy in America he is hopeful because of the similarities and sameness that American democracy and French democracy shared and continue to share. Democracy is a pivotal part to America and the way of life American’s are accustomed to. From the founding fathers to the first colonies of New England democracy has always been a part of it. A country without full democracy cannot survive, looking at slavery when African Americans were no longer allowed…

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  • US-US Relationship

    The relationship between the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) is made special by its virtual removal of the possibility of conflict between the two nations. It lives within an individualistic security system in which these states share collective meanings that provide them mutually understood identities and interests, increasing the possibility of collective action during a time of active threats. Because of this process of socialization, the United States and the United Kingdom…

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  • First Source Synthesis Essay

    The first source is a political cartoon dealing with the viability and success of modern liberal western democracy. The cartoon presents the perspective that such a democracy is ineffective and is crippled largely by apathy. In a democracy, good government is a dependent on good citizenship — which means citizens who will make informed decisions and participate in democratic processes. The cartoon suggests that American citizens cannot even be bothered to vote one of their most basic…

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  • Ethnic Diversity Research Paper

    Essay Question: Why might ethnic diversity pose a challenge to democracy? How might this challenge be overcome so as to produce a stable and sustainable democracy? Support your answer with evidence from two countries. Word Count: 1083 words Democracy is where a state is controlled by a representative government that is voted for by the adult population every few years or so. Ethnic diversity is the “…co-existence of diverse cultures, where culture includes racial, religious or cultural groups”…

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