Why I Chose Hope College

Being able to attend a liberal arts is not only a privilege, but also a blessing. I might not know the reason why yet, but God has brought me to study at Hope College for a certain purpose. Before choosing what college to go to, I went to adoration and I prayed long and hard. I asked God to give me a sign as to which school I should attend, and after adoration I had made up my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about Hope College, so that’s how I decided to come here. As Mark 10:27 tells us “for all things are possible with God.” Even though school can sometimes be a struggle for me, I can trust that the Lord will always be by my side to assist me the entire way through my journey. Times may get rough, as they have in the past, but I know that I will seek God through it all. God has given me the power and strength to accomplish anything I put my heart and mind to. As cliche as that sounds, it is true. I get my abilities through the Lord and everything I do is in His name.
Through everything, I want to continue being a disciple of the Lord and carrying on his will. I want to continue going to chapel and to the Gathering whenever I can and portray God’s love to everyone I encounter. I hope I choose to lead my own bible study group as well sustaining my exploration of different
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When I was in high school, all I wanted to do was be with the kids in the special education rooms. If I graduate with my degree in special education, then I’ll be able to have my own classroom and run it how I want. Whatever my job ends up being, one of the most important things that I want to remain is God’s love. I want all my actions to be works of God. Every small thing I do, I want to do for Christ. I aspire to be like Him in anyway possible. I would want to work in a place that allows faiths to be talked about, unlike the high school I went

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