Personal Narrative: Chasing My Dreams

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Chasing My Dreams I have achieved many of my goals in life and I am so proud to say that I have reached them, these include graduating high school and getting a nice car, however I have many more dreams and goals to tackle before my hourglass runs out of sand. I plan to travel, I want to go as far as I can and to as many places as possible with a few major places that are a must. I want to have a plantation style house completely done in eighteenth century décor, hopefully I will be able to buy the Briggs-Washington estate in Camden, Alabama. Finally I want to use my gifts and passions to spread happiness to other people. I developed a love of travel at a young age when my church would go out of town helping other churches or going to different camps. I have been to many places such as Texas and Philadelphia, I have even seen the Liberty Bell, Arlington, and the Holocaust Museum. My love of History really inspires me to travel to historic places. I plan to eventually study abroad in Europe and …show more content…
Also growing up in Clarke and Wilcox counties I have always been surrounded by these magnificent houses. There is one house in particular that has always called out to me it is the Briggs-Washington house in Camden, Alabama and it has been around since Eighteen Twenty-Two. It is all my dream aspects in one house with a double winding staircase in the center, wraparound porch and huge windows all through the house. The Briggs-Washington house still has all the furniture that was left by the original owner, it can be polished up and used again. This house also has two giant oak trees on either side of the house and a magnificent greenhouse in the back. I plan on buying the house when I return from traveling, planting flowers and a field full of corn and having a family. When I pass on I hope my family will turn the house into a

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