Personal Narrative: My Path Of Success

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It was like any other day; basketball warm ups, a few sprints, rehydration, and everyone gathering around in a circle to start the game. This game wasn’t like every other game, we had a different coach sitting on the bench. We put our heads together and tried to play the game we love, but we looked like baby deer learning how to walk. We were so uncoordinated and confused. My team and I were left with so many question and such little reasoning. As we packed up our bags, you could feel the despair filling the locker room. Bottles were being thrown, and jerseys were put in the bottom of our lockers as if they were never going to be touched again. We knew we were never getting our coach back. Little did I know what was ahead of me, but I know …show more content…
The best way to defeat your enemy is to know it completely. If I 'm going to succeed, I must equip myself with the tools that I need. Education transforms the unknown into the known. If I am empowered through education, I can defeat any obstacle in my path. Behind the door of education lies the answers to all the problems of life. So I will knock. I will pound. I will break down the door if I must. I will not give up; I will find the answers to helping not only myself, but also others. I lost my childhood through very difficult circumstances, but what did I gain? Although I wouldn 't want to go through it again, I wouldn 't trade it for the world. Through my pain and suffering, I gained character and education. I have learned that there is nothing that cannot be conquered without those two things. I will always strive to get more of those two things. Hard work and knowledge are the top two components to a successful life, but I have learned to go a step further. Wisdom is knowledge applied to everyday life. As I gain more knowledge, my desire is to apply it to my life and the life of others. I have already gained wisdom from my experiences, and my future is bright as I seek to gain more knowledge to apply it to the lives of

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