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  • The Importance Of Traditional Folk Culture

    Traditional folk culture evolved for thousands of years, carefully stored and inherited many generations. Its uniqueness is evident in everything: in the content and in the methods of storage, transmission, distribution. It has deep historical roots. In what consequence it is necessary to revive and preserve the cultural traditions to the younger generation. We live in a time of crisis - political, social, economic, environmental, but the most terrible crisis - moral. Therefore, it is necessary…

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  • The Effects Of Natural And Artificial Light In Architecture

    can change one’s mood from being happy to being sad, angry to calm, and from being annoyed to feel more comfortable. In addition, light effects people productivity and concentration. Places where one needs to think and concentrate, such as schools, colleges, and libraries, are always brightly lit. our…

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  • Airavatesvara Temple Analysis

    depth of profundity of the facial expressions and pleasing apotheosis of serenity and dignity, in their technical refinement and excellent modelling and in their sensitiveness and restraint they have few parallels in south India plastic art. The sculptural art of the Airavatesvara temple compared to the great magnitude of the edifice is not prolific nor is it the product of any atelier noted for refined sensibility and freshness of ideas. Everything has now been standardized in sculpture as…

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  • Making Musicians Village

    Musicians ' Village is an example of how community can be in the favor art and also how art can be in the favor community. The initial sense of community was established after the devastations of Hurricane Katrina and because of its effects on people; however, art was a catalyzer for creating this sense. As a form of art, architecture had a significant role in making Musicians village what it is today. Rebuilding the houses was a project that was done purely based on people’s willingness to help…

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  • Marc Handman Misma Analysis

    Marc Handelman created the artwork “Miasma” and it’s located in the Nerman Museum Contemporary Art at Johnson County Community College. The sociopolitical piece of artwork is placed on the wall on the second floor of the Museum. “Miasma” streaks of brilliant red and blue radiate from a dark center into a white field to blast the painterly colors of Old Glory. The medium of the “Miasma” was painted with oil on a canvas which the canvas is large in size so it could be noticeable to the audience…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Life During The Renaissance

    and even some music but this time period was also a huge turning point for arts and sciences. This time period gave way to “a great revival of interest in the classical learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome” With many new developments of the world and lives of the people living during this time came new influences and even some old ones. Astronomy, exploration, philosophy, literature, and especially the world of art were off to new ideas. The Renaissance can be traced all the way back…

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  • Visual Elements Essay

    elements in Art. I had always thought that art had no organization, guidance or system. I thought that people just painted or drew pretty much whatever they wanted with no apparent rules. The Visual Elements that Getlein mentions on chapter 4 consist of the following; line shape and mass, light, color, texture and pattern and last but not least; time and motion (Getlein, 2012). These elements are intrinsically woven in art! Who would have thought that all these elements are essential to art? For…

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  • Picnic In The Mountains Analysis

    Compare and Contrast Essay (Fernando Botero) Art Appreciation 1301 400 Rossmery Tejada Professor Moseley 6 Nov 2017 • Work one: Picnic in The Mountains. Fernando Botero, 1966. Oil on canvas. 26.0 inches by 31.5 inches. • Work Two: Picnic. Fernando Botero, 1999. Oil on canvas. Many artists change their style as they’re maturing. When artist are generating their first works of art much of their inspiration come from other experienced artists. With the passage of time, artists become more…

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  • An Analysis Of Theodore Dalrymple's What We Have To Lose

    Have to Lose, Dalrymple explores the human ability to convey meanings and higher thought as a means to differentiate the civilized from the uncivilized. He alludes to the notion that the main factor that distinguishes humanity is our ability to make art and other expressive mediums that can articulate the different and complex emotions and thoughts that we experience. His main methodology to support his argument is through various anecdotes. Dalrymple argues that the human ability to articulate…

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  • Andy Warhol Archetype Analysis

    Imagine the excruciating moment when a child pausing in front of your work in an exhibition and simply saying “That isn’t art, I could do that!” Not considering the plethora of factors that weave themselves into that one - seemingly simple - work of art, the child may easily think that some of the most famous works of art of the 21st century can be effortlessly recreated. While the abstract technique of modern artist may seem elementary to some, Andy Warhol is a prime example of an artist who…

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