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  • They Say I Say Analysis

    disputes beginning with the article, “Are Colleges Worth The Price of Admission?” by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus. This article conveys a controversial issue of the rising cost of admissions and the descending quality of college education. With the questioning of the traditional educational system, many offer alternate solutions to combat these misperceptions such as the article written by Sanford J. Ungar, “The New Liberal Arts”. While liberal-art degrees rarely statistically illustrate…

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  • Why I Chose Hope College

    Being able to attend a liberal arts is not only a privilege, but also a blessing. I might not know the reason why yet, but God has brought me to study at Hope College for a certain purpose. Before choosing what college to go to, I went to adoration and I prayed long and hard. I asked God to give me a sign as to which school I should attend, and after adoration I had made up my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about Hope College, so that’s how I decided to come here. As Mark 10:27 tells us…

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  • Essay On Goals And Expectations For My Time At Castleton

    Goals and Expectations for My Time At Castleton and Beyond Castleton is the perfect environment for me to exercise and apply the ideas expressed in Zakaria’s book, In Defense of a Liberal Education. After reading the assigned book this summer I found that I gained a new understanding of how schools are run, from elementary to higher education. Throughout my time in high school I experienced an ever growing curiosity as I was being exposed to new ideas by both my teachers and my peers, but not…

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  • High School Senior Year

    Private schools cost even more, $47,831 on average per semester, but do not change for in-state students versus out-of-state students. Belmont University, one of the premier liberal arts schools in the South and ranked #5 on, is a private institution which I am considering attending, and like most private colleges, its tuition falls in the lower median range at roughly $29,000 a year, but that “low” price still scares away many potential students. These exorbitant price tags…

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  • Swarthmore Case Study

    There is not a rational reason why, Lafayette College had phased 8 percent increases every year for online publications, but we did and we had to pay them. Those kind of costs, laboratory equipment and all of the things that go into producing outstanding educational opportunities and research, all of it is growing in rates in excess of inflation and in excess of the basic revenue sources the institution has. The third reason that costs are continuing to rise, is perhaps slightly more…

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  • Why You Should Obtain A Degree

    other than the United States frivolous degrees such as those in the liberal arts require more work. Money is going into education, but sometimes those programs emphasize unique and exotic degrees. Should one choose a specialty degree such as Islamic Studies to get a job faster, or should we stick to the basics? It seems, one can get a job easier if a degree is sought less in the liberal arts, and more in general education.…

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  • Are Too Many People Going To College Summary

    Charles Murray’s “Are Too Many People Going to College” makes key points as to why so many students now go away to college and why they should consider not attending the four years of continued education. Murray discusses many aspects such as why so many students feel the need to further their education, when to focus on the liberal arts in a child 's education, and whether all students have the mental capacity to attend college. He then questions if acquiring a degree is necessary for all jobs…

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  • Profession Professional Development

    purposes for the individual, and the benefits to society, in mind, certain subjects should be taught to individuals in order to prepare them for reaching these goals after they graduate. Through the offering of professional development courses, a liberal arts education and omitting some unnecessary requirements (like physical education) to free up space for more beneficial courses, students would be benefitted and this purpose of higher education would be achieved.…

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  • St. Carver Case Study

    surprise at how much the college provides to support students. Student experiences in Britain are very different, where, as an adult student, besides academic support through the institution, you are expected to look after yourself, handling your own rent, bills and food on top of doing the academic work and adapting to a new lifestyle. At St. Olaf, my room and board plan means that I do not ever have to consider the electricity bill, or what I’m going to cook for dinner. The college also…

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  • Analysis Of Charles Murray´s Are Too Many People Going To College?

    in his article “Are too Many People Going to College?” addresses that students should learn the “core knowledge” from an early age. He underlines that children in grades kindergarten through eighth are far better off with memorization and learning the facts easier. He also argues that in high school children should only take social science and humanities courses that will prepare them for college classes. Murray states that going to four year college could be a right decision for high school…

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