Analysis Of Charles Murray's Article Are Too Many People Going To College?

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Higher Education or Not?
Charles Murray, in his article “Are too Many People Going to College?” addresses that students should learn the “core knowledge” from an early age. He underlines that children in grades kindergarten through eighth are far better off with memorization and learning the facts easier. He also argues that in high school children should only take social science and humanities courses that will prepare them for college classes. Murray states that going to four year college could be a right decision for high school graduates that are skillful in higher reading and writing. However, it might not be a right financial choice for everyone. The average student is most likely wasting their time taking “Liberal Art” classes which
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Children shouldn’t wait until they get into a four year college to obtain the basic knowledge in literature and important facts in science or history. This education should be given to them from elementary to high school as their right. As E.D. Hirsch argues “this core knowledge is an important part of the glue that holds the culture together and is our shared identity that makes us Americans together rather than hyphenated Americans”. Establishing liberal education from an early age could be easier rather than an older age because young children are capable of learning so many things. Their brains are able to take in all sorts of facts and information that many adults struggle to obtain. Just as they say “learning in younger age is like carving on the stone”, meaning whatever you carve on the stone will stay forever. Thus, children can gain as much possible from core knowledge, and there will be no need to take the same courses in the …show more content…
Murray gives an example of the young man wanting to be an electrician and how he won 't get paid as much as he should, because he only has a two year certificate. This ideology is what separates our society and leaves people in fields that don 't enjoy what they do or aren 't that qualified, which is why something must be done.
In conclusion, our society must get passed the ideology that no degree means, no qualification. In order to prevent this type of living, our educational system must offer liberal arts classes from a young age until they graduate high school. This will prepare and allow students to follow their passion and commit to careers that fit their skills, which will essentially lead to a growth in both the educational system and work

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