Persuasive Essay About Going To College

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Humans love adventures, sports and many varieties of working out and competition. For example, hiking is one of the most painful exercises that men and women can practice. However, hiking provides an incredible joy and appreciation at the end of the effort. So as hiking, many challenges that humans faced seem to be difficult and request a lot effort and sacrifices. One of those challenges is going to college.
Different people, with different nature and different ideas lead to multiple choice and desire. In those next lines, I will talk about the choice of going to college or not. Also, I will explain some reasons for pursuing a college education those days. Moreover, I will argue about the process that is taught in college and that it should
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But it is a reality that nobody can avoid. With a competitive system in all fields, it is not anymore the choice of the major that provide the key to success.
For me, Ungar has given a really good shot of reality in today workplace. It is no longer college majors that matters but the ability of students to be effective in their practice and work after they graduate.
Charles Murray, in his article “Are too many people going to college?” developed another argument that should matter when a student is closed to decide whether he should go to college or not. Increasing tuition and increasing attendance turn College to another step. So in our days, College has become something that not everyone can afford.
He makes the argument that College is changing slowly and its concept too. Social and local reality are creating norms that are decimating the system. People with their life plans, dreams, difficulty and moral norms tends to go away of the College and pursuing their goal. So the system is suffering directly with those way of thinking.
Murray assumed implicitly that too many people are choosing to go to College, so the current system is facing disorder and mess from those people. His writing styles brought some persuasion to his opinion, and the simple structure, and memorable examples that he mentioned captured the audience attention during the whole

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