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  • Emotional Climate Approach Of Classroom Management

    willingness to be engaged and on task. I can be a perfectionist and being unprepared has caused me to have high anxiety in the past. To help minimize my anxiety and concerns about being prepared, I will prepare my lesson plans at least three weeks in advance, along with alternative lessons and activities. I will make sure the supplies are ready and on my students tables the evening before. Most importantly, I will learn to adapt and…

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  • Guided Reading Video Analysis

    31 students as they partake in guided reading. That being said, strategies apparent in the video are consistent with Jack Kounin’s model of discipline. Kounin found that good discipline was more contingent on how effective teachers presented their lesson plans, rather than what they did to correct misbehavior after it occurred. Furthermore, he came up with five behavioral techniques that are imperative to preventing misbehavior and facilitating successful classroom management. The video…

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  • Observation Of Community Helpers

    Several students shouted out “That’s me a fireman, I gone rescue people and put water on the fire.” No that’s me a police lady, I going to arrest people and put them in jail.” “I gone be that one a construction man and wear a yellow hat.” As, the lesson continued the story of Percy’s Neighborhood by Stuart J. Murphy was well received. The students began to ask and tell stories about their experiences in their…

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  • What Are My Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

    A less comfortable path to explore is my weaknesses, yet I will press on. As silly as it may seem to an external eye, one of my major weaknesses in the first few weeks was that I doubted myself, the extent of my knowledge, and my ability to help my students. I felt somewhat out of place in my tutoring sessions considering the proximity in age and my lack of experience in tutoring reading comprehension and literacy skills. Within a few weeks, I realized that I had an academic knowledge base,…

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  • Classroom Planning In A Pre-K Classroom

    not needed. Additionally, pre-k students generally are unable to read; therefore, there is no objective or lesson plans displayed for the students, besides there schedule. Despite pre-k’s unconventional schedules and procedures, the planning meets the needs of the students. The morning and afternoon groups have different procedures, for each group has different…

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  • Literacy Course Reflection

    This course has provided me with a strong understanding of how students in the primary grades learn to read and write and what I need to do to ensure I provide my students with the best literacy learning experiences. More specifically, I have learned foundations of literacy instruction, principles of effective literacy teachers, stages of literacy development, common core standards, the reading and writing processes, different way to assess and assessment tools, how to organize for reading and…

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  • Benefits Of Ubd

    At first glance, it does look like a lot of extra work. Without proper training, teachers could not only see this as one extra thing to do but could get completely overwhelmed with feeling like they need to redo all of their lessons and units. UbD is something that definitely needs to be introduced slowly with proper training and with full buy-in from all staff members in order to be successful for both the student, teacher, and administration. Additionally, there are parts of…

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  • Personal Responsibilities Of A Future Teacher

    deserve. Learning should be presented in different methods, and styles, filled with creativity, and life lessons. Each child is unique and learns in different ways. For example there are children who are visual, verbal, auditory-musical, mathematical, interpersonal, and interpersonal learners. As a future teacher, it will be my responsibility to incorporate all learning styles into my lesson plans, and always be prepared to present an activity in an alternative way, so each activity is age…

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  • What Is My Classroom Management Plan

    because if you do not follow through with your plan then students will not listen to all of the other steps again. I have to be considerable and consistent with the consequences as well. I need to remember to stay focused on the conflict and save lessons for later. Conclusion All of these steps and precautions will help me have great control over my classroom. The whole reason for having a good classroom management plan is so that I have more time to teach. When I have more time to teach, I…

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  • Theme Of Sin In Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

    One theme is that sin must be confessed or it will grow and fester like a disease and will eventually consume the sinner from the inside, out. This theme is expanded upon throughout The Scarlet Letter, and especially during the events leading up to the second scaffold scene. Dimmesdale "kept vigils...sometimes viewing his own face in a looking glass...tortured" (Hawthorne 152). His visions of an unforgiving god and of what that god will do to him because of his sin drive him to a…

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