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  • Pupils Will Learn Language More Relevant In The Classroom

    a.p. 27-task 14 Choosing content that relevant to pupils, is very important in a language lessons. This is based on 3 assumptions. 1. Pupils will learn language more successfully, if the subject of the lessons will be relevant for them, and they will feel that they will be able to use with the content in the near future or in their life in general. 2. Learning new language can be very embarrassing, especially during the adolescence. If we as a teachers can bring subject that appeal the pupils,…

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  • Caregroup Case Study Summary

    This situation showed the need for verification and second opinions. Practicing this lesson will help avoid similar situations of overlooked bugs, errors, and poor system organization. 3. Keep your working knowledge current: Keeping up with current technology trends and making sure that working knowledge is up-to-date is something that…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship At US 460

    This meant the technology was at our disposal to use it for whatever we needed it for. There was a really nice projector and sound system which we utilized quite a bit. Both Steven and Shanna are big on using power points to lead a lesson plan so every week Steven would bring his laptop to hook up to the computer in the classroom and we would utilize the PowerPoints that he had from previous years of teaching the class. This actually worked to my advantage. I was so used to being in…

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  • Reflection On Self-Change Goals

    difficulty because of my amateur ability to sustain running for long periods of time. After evaluating my progress in the first week, I edited my goal which led to successful second and third weeks. Overall, the project was successful and I learned a lesson about preconceived judgments. The main barriers to accomplishing my goal were nighttime college classes. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I attended classes from 5:40 PM to 8:30 PM and the drive home lasted around 30 minutes. By the time I arrived…

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  • Case Study: Australian Curriculum

    there is attempts throughout different lessons in the unit that maintain the general capability of intercultural understanding. This general capability is used to provide the students with the knowledge of different cultures as well as respecting the difference. Ethical competence is also seen throughout the unit, it is emerged into the lesson as it provides an understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Although this is seen during the unit, the lesson does not show any other…

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  • Reflection On Reinvesting In Arts Education

    ability in hopes of broadening my understanding of the arts. Now that the course is coming to a close, I am proud to have participated in this class because it exceeded my expectations due to the passionate teachers and the comprehensive and engaging lessons they taught in music, theatre, visual art, and dance. As a result, this course has greatly enriched my knowledge of arts, arts integration, and arts…

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  • Tom Michalek's Success In The Classroom

    it really efficiently. The yearly plan is an overview of your year, it can be specific or general. It might include concepts or materials as well. Lastly, he had 1 plan per grade. His daily plans looked a lot like lesson plans, it listed all the activities he would go through in one lesson…

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  • Reflection On Orchard Hill Elementary Guidance Counseling

    evaluative question, I have noticed that kindergarteners are able to stay on track with the curriculum or surpass the lesson place, whereas sixth grade tends to fall behind and require make up lessons. This characteristic personally stands out to me and makes me wonder if there are communication flaws within the way I, or my supervisor conducts teaching methods. Generally, kindergarten lessons involve interesting gimmicks such as magic tricks, coloring projects, or puppets. These strategies…

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  • Sample Reflective Essay

    activity as an informal assessment of knowledge, and other days we start with what the day’s objectives are and what I hope students will gain from the lesson. I follow our school’s Marzano method in regards to having visible objectives to students that are clear and concise. I have the thought process that it helps give guidance to the day’s lesson by having a clear direction and objective visible to all students and a helpful reminder to myself. For adapts pace by monitoring student…

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  • Essay On My Flipped Math Classroom

    Students then took a lesson quiz over the learning goal, and they received immediate feedback on their email. Those students who received feedback indicating they were non proficient on the learning goal were directed to the back table for reteaching. Since Ms. Yoder was absent, we planned for me to provide reteaching to the students, and the substitute to keep a close eye on the students who were working independently at their desks. During the reteaching, I followed a direct lesson…

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