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  • Reflection: My Adaptation To The Center Administrator, MS.

    of children what would they like to me read to them. Each wanted something different. So, the mentor suggests, that I stick to the lesson plan. The lesson plan for the week consisted of getting the children ready for a field trip. This field trip had been a plan for quite some time. The plan for the field trip is planned July 9, 2015. Teacher and staff, lesson plans are center around this event. My job was to Read the book Animals you can see at the Zoo, by Rolando Merino during circle…

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  • Establishing A Healthy Learning Environment Analysis

    creates a bond. Temple Grandin taught me more about the importance of hands-on learning experiences. By knowing how a student learns, a teacher can employ several different ways of instruction. The need to cover all your bases is imperative when writing lesson plans. The personal construction of a positive learning…

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  • Examples Of Field Observation

    reviewed what was done for PBL implementation this summer; Buck institute coming in and helping write curriculum. She went over lessons created for both science and ELA. She also discussed next steps for implementation. Next steps for implementation: • Packaging science lessons • Correct, refine and fluff science lessons; discussion arouse when staff was asked to fluff lessons. Clarification was asked regarding what fluff meant, Miss. Haro mentioned that in science there is no fluff, its…

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  • Final Exam Questions On Classroom Management

    high expectations and plan accordingly. 2. A lesson plan needs the following; a. An aim- This is essential in describing my purpose of teaching a topic. It will be the primary focus and a very critical part because it supports why the lesson is being implemented. In addition, it will help with assessment of the students…

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  • Becoming The Challenges Of An Effective Teacher

    creating flexible lesson plans, to dealing with students who have special needs, to grading and assessing their work and behaviour. During all of this, it is important to remain an effective teacher by caring about students in and our of the classroom. This can be done by building a relationship with lesson plans, and reflecting on your work after every school day. An effective teacher will combine their knowledge and lesson plans with fun creative ways to learn. For my lesson plan on…

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  • Personal Narrative: Cookie Digs And Scientific Papers

    formally in school. Playing with ants in the yard turned into class pets and food chain lessons; eating leafs turned into growing bean sprouts to learn about photosynthesis. But this, too, changed as I got older. However, the wonder and curiosity of the natural world never faded, and I strongly believe that is why I am studying to be a science teacher now. Over the years, I have done a lot of science lessons, but one stands out to me in particular.…

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  • Critical Reflection Paper

    Critical question: I wonder what happens when I try improving lesson pacing by first incorporating effective transitions and procedures in the classroom, second checking for student understanding, third using effective lesson planning, and fourth assuring that students are engaged? Contextual factors: I conducted this action research project in a Title I school, where I was an intern. I am at the school two days a week all day. The school I am at currently has 82.16% free and reduced lunch. The…

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  • My Reflection On The Afterschool Program At Sunset Elementary School

    In my Sunday School class, I teach about 5-6 students on average on a good day so trying to get 8 students all involved in the lessons and activities was going to be a challenge. I did not know how big of a challenge until I started the field experience. My mentor teacher prepared the tutors and encouraged us. She is an incredible teacher and mentor. I am truly happy to have had…

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  • Emotional Climate Approach Of Classroom Management

    willingness to be engaged and on task. I can be a perfectionist and being unprepared has caused me to have high anxiety in the past. To help minimize my anxiety and concerns about being prepared, I will prepare my lesson plans at least three weeks in advance, along with alternative lessons and activities. I will make sure the supplies are ready and on my students tables the evening before. Most importantly, I will learn to adapt and…

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  • Guided Reading Video Analysis

    31 students as they partake in guided reading. That being said, strategies apparent in the video are consistent with Jack Kounin’s model of discipline. Kounin found that good discipline was more contingent on how effective teachers presented their lesson plans, rather than what they did to correct misbehavior after it occurred. Furthermore, he came up with five behavioral techniques that are imperative to preventing misbehavior and facilitating successful classroom management. The video…

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