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  • What Do Students Need To Know Before They Engage In This Lesson?

    A 4. Describe your students’ prior instruction and background knowledge and how those factors will influence your planning and/or instruction for the lesson you will submit. What do students need to know before they engage in this lesson? Include, as well, what do children know, what can they do and what are they learning to do related to language and literacy development? Students are familiar with chicks, butterflies, and frogs, and most have seen these animals before. However, most…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Prejudice In A Lesson Before Dying

    A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines takes place in the 1940’s, a time period of segregation. This was a time when blacks were often at fault for a crime they did not commit, such as what transpired in this book. A man named Jefferson was convicted of a crime he did not commit and was insulted during court. Now his family, friends, and even Jefferson himself were trying to prove the white community wrong about their beliefs that a black man is unequal and lacks dignity for both Jefferson…

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  • My Reflection On Reading And Writing

    The two subject areas that I chose to complete my back to back lessons on were reading and writing. There were two major factors that went into my selection. The first was that there are only two times during the day when two lessons are taught back to back. The first is reading and writing in the morning and the other is social studies and science in the afternoon. Because I had already taught lessons in the science and social studies areas, I decided that it would benefit me more if I chose…

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  • Reflective Reflection In The Classroom

    This lesson was very fun and engaging for all students, but after using it there are a couple things I would change to improve the inclusiveness of the lesson. The first thing I would add if I were to do this lesson again would be to have an exemplar that I have constructed on Lego Builder to show the class. The reason I did not make an exemplar was due to time constraints, this created time delays for some students who had difficulty visualizing what they were making. When this happened I…

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  • Reflection Of A Classroom Experience In School Lane Charter School

    The first lesson I was able to observe was a language arts lesson. Ms. Cameron brought all the students with their books on the carpet in front of her easel. Ms. Cameron modeled for the students how to hold a book, how to look at the cover, title, and the correct way to turn the pages. Ben…

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  • Student Engagement Reflection

    During my JA in a Day internship, I learned quickly that student engagement would be important to the lesson plan. Having younger classes, I knew that we would have to keep the students engaged or they would lose interest quickly. A main engagement strategy we used was positive reinforcement. Students, especially the younger ones, want to be praised for their hard work. While the students were working on the activities, my partner and I would constantly let the students know they were doing…

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  • My Classroom Management Pl My Philosophy Of Education

    we have completed this, we start with a daily problem from the lesson the day before to review. Then we begin our lessons. At the end of the hour, I give them time to make sure their planners are accurate and they mark the assignments finished or unfinished and put them in the correct subject area in their notebooks. Assessing student learning: Students will be assessed by written tests, oral tests, and classroom projects. Most lessons are structured in my classroom with the exception of Study…

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  • My Educational Standards

    that I need to use these standards as my “teaching bible” and make sure I am meeting these when I am teaching. I think by going back to these, it helps me become a much better teacher. I believe one way I can improve as an educator is preparing. My lessons have not always gone the way they are supposed to and I have to remember not to be so hard on myself. If I have reteach something, it is not the end of the world. Overall, this mock evaluation was a great learning experience for myself. It…

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  • Team Experience Research Paper

    Two reasons I believe this occurs are I always challenge myself to do great work and I am also patient with other people. Unfortunately, these are two traits I suspect contributed to a challenging team experience, from which I was able to learn a lesson. I believe these are quality traits, essential for me to be able to do any good group work with other people. As such, I will need to continue to employ them, but in a correct manner, as I will have to work in teams as I continue in my…

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  • Multicultural Critique

    Multicultural Lesson Critique My neighbors in the apartment building I live have a lot of little kids, so I went around asking parents for their consent if their children could participate in a mini lesson regarding body image. I came across my lesson on ww.tolerance.org regarding body image, it is called “What is Body Image”. This lesson is designed towards the grades of PreK-5th grade as long as you adjust to meet the standards in each grade level. Depending on the grade level the lesson can…

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