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  • Sample Reflective Essay

    activity as an informal assessment of knowledge, and other days we start with what the day’s objectives are and what I hope students will gain from the lesson. I follow our school’s Marzano method in regards to having visible objectives to students that are clear and concise. I have the thought process that it helps give guidance to the day’s lesson by having a clear direction and objective visible to all students and a helpful reminder to myself. For adapts pace by monitoring student…

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  • Essay On My Flipped Math Classroom

    Students then took a lesson quiz over the learning goal, and they received immediate feedback on their email. Those students who received feedback indicating they were non proficient on the learning goal were directed to the back table for reteaching. Since Ms. Yoder was absent, we planned for me to provide reteaching to the students, and the substitute to keep a close eye on the students who were working independently at their desks. During the reteaching, I followed a direct lesson…

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  • The Wound Dresser By Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, And Paul Lurance Dunbar

    Dunbar. When these poets fuse their emotions with their words, we the readers are able to feel a fraction of what they might have felt at the time of the poems creation. It is this component that allows the readers to effectively take away any life lessons that might have been incorporated…

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  • Phil Jackson's Leadership Style Analysis

    philosophy. As I considered these leadership lessons, there are three that struck a chord with my own sense of leadership These include, “Lead from the inside out” (p.11), “Let each player discover his own destiny” (p.13), and “Keep your eye on the spirit, and not the scoreboard” (p.20). The first lesson, “lead from the inside out” (Jackson & Delehanty, 2014, p.11), in many ways resembles Parker Palmers’ (2004) notion of the Mobius Strip. In this lesson, Phil Jackson realized the importance of…

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  • Edtpa Self Reflection

    U-ACT E,enetary Content reflections 1. a. For my edTPA I will being using lesson from the unit covering T Absolute True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexey, along with materials to prepare my students for the upcoming State Exam I feel this unit will allow the best opportunities to pull fair representations of my development as a teacher as well as opportunities to adapt/revise lessons to allow for student voices. Since this curricular unit will near its end and the material for the…

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  • Instructional Pedagogical Approach

    During my fieldwork observations of the second grade in PS 119, I had the opportunity to observe some of their social studies lessons. One the lessons was based on a reading aloud of the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood as a medium to teach the students the importance of following instruction given by authority figures and the consequences of disobeying them. This lesson was part of the topics regarding the Civic Ideals and Practices, which is one of the inquires developed in second grade. In…

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  • Chemistry Class Reflection

    My improvements and lesson plans from this semester are going to be particularly helpful for one class. The class is Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC). I will be teaching the physics side during my semester of student teaching. Most students in this class have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and struggle with math. In addition to the curriculum preparation through my practicum, I feel I have a better understanding of how to scaffold lessons which will help me be a more effective…

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  • Art Classroom Observation Report

    art lesson is also very different. This is because I had to look up art standards and each lesson had more steps and materials. When creating art lessons you had to come up with creativity ideas to get the supplies that you needed in the classroom. At first when I was writing my first lesson I was stressed because I have never done one, but as I started and went through it, it was actually fairly easy and just like other lessons, just more detail and standards. I feel that teaching art lessons…

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  • Onenote's Reflection

    multiple purposes, holding lesson plans, seating charts, substitute notes, and grades all without having to use a single piece of paper. When the teacher decides to share the lesson or a newsletter with parents or staff, she/he can choose who views her content. For example, an administrator can view the lessons at any time without having to hold a paper copy. Along with being able to share lessons, a teacher can choose someone or multiple teachers to look at the lesson and make…

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  • Research Paper On Beginner Level Young Learners

    This paper covers the explanations of my lesson plan for 6-8 years old complete beginner level young learners. In this essay I explain why I chose the topic family and friends vocabulary, why I structured my lesson in the way I have, what my activities would contribute towards my aims, how I plan to deal with the possible problems during my lesson, why I chose those activities and why I didn’t chose the other activities I considered to use. I’ve chosen the scenario two (young learners) and as…

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