Reflection Of A Classroom Experience In School Lane Charter School

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For my field placement this semester I have been placed in School Lane Charter school located in Bensalem, PA. This charter school takes great measures in making sure their students get the best quality education. School Lane is an inclusive school, which means that students with or without disabilities are able to learn together, in the most least restrictive environment. I am placed in a first grade classroom this semester in Ms. Cameron’s room. The student who I chose to observe is Ben. Mrs. Cameron picked this student for me because it appears that he has some academic struggles followed by some deficits in social interaction and repetitive behavior such as, rocking back and forth. However, he has yet to be evaluated thus far.
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The first lesson I was able to observe was a language arts lesson. Ms. Cameron brought all the students with their books on the carpet in front of her easel. Ms. Cameron modeled for the students how to hold a book, how to look at the cover, title, and the correct way to turn the pages. Ben showed interest in this; however, he would often fall two steps behind. When it would be time to turn the pages, Ben would still have his book closed or end up on the wrong page. Before reading the book Ms. Cameron lead the class into a discussion about what a “pal” is since the story was about pals. Ben showed that he was excited to share his ideas. He would raise his hand, but call out his idea before being called on. One of his ideas was, “pals keep you safe”. It appeared to me that Ben was able to participate in the before reading discussion adequately, but when it came time to discuss the content of the story, he participated less and continued to talk about how “pals keep you safe”. This made it unclear for me to judge if he understood the content or not. The story was read as a class the first time, and as it was read Ben flipped the pages according to the pace of the story. However, he did not point to each word …show more content…
Big Ideas: The big idea in this lesson is to be able to understand phonological awareness. If the students are able to master phonological awareness, then this will help them with reading, fluency and comprehension. If students do not understand phonological awareness, then phonics will make little sense to them.
b. Key Concepts: The key concept of this lesson is to be able to identify and say the initial sound of a word and then be able to find the matching initial sound in another group of words. Students must understand that many different words have different beginning sounds.
c. Teacher Knowledge: In order to be able to teach these students in the best way possible I will need to have extensive knowledge of phonological awareness. I will need to know how to manipulate different sounds and how to properly say those sounds.
1. Students will be able to correctly identify what picture card does not belong based on initial sounds in at least 8 out of the 10 rows.
2. Students will be able to correctly identify and produce the initial sound of 8 out 10 picture

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