Phonemic Awareness And Phonics Instructions

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Teachers Knowledge and Perceptions of Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction A well-known body of research concluded that the systematic and explicit phonics and phonemic awareness instructions improve early reading and spelling skills and prevent reading difficulties (NRP, 2000; Snow et al., 1998). Therefore, teachers’ knowledge and perceptions of these instructions affect the effectiveness of reading instructions. According to Mather, Bos, and Babur (2001), teachers were not knowledgeable enough about the concepts of English language structure (phonics terminology), even though the teachers had positive perceptions about explicit phonics instructions. For example, only 2% of pre-service and 19% of in-service teachers (293 pre-service and 131 in-service teachers) knew that box has four speech sounds. Another study aimed to investigate 722 kindergarten through third-grade teachers’ actual and perceived knowledge about early literacy domains (children 's literacy, phonemic awareness, and phonics) (Cunningham et al., 2004). For the phonological awareness task, teachers were asked to identify phonemes in 11 words, and only 1% of the teachers correctly recognized all words. On the other hand, 20% of teachers did not correctly identify any of those words regarding how many …show more content…
All students have hearing loss in between unilateral severe to bilateral moderate to severe, and they use speech as a primary mode of communication. Students were observed in a total of 59 minutes ranging from 2 minutes a day to 24 minutes a day. Teachers who incorporated phonemic awareness and phonics instructions into the reading lesson took two times more reading courses than other teachers. Even though phonemic awareness and phonics instructions were a part of reading curriculum, only 4 out of 24 students were observed during these

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