Team Experience Research Paper

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Team Experience Working with others has not been difficult for me. Two reasons I believe this occurs are I always challenge myself to do great work and I am also patient with other people. Unfortunately, these are two traits I suspect contributed to a challenging team experience, from which I was able to learn a lesson. I believe these are quality traits, essential for me to be able to do any good group work with other people. As such, I will need to continue to employ them, but in a correct manner, as I will have to work in teams as I continue in my accounting curriculum, in my work, and in everyday life as I will be able to accomplish so much more than I could hope to do by myself. With that in my mind, after my team experiences I make a …show more content…
This led to me not taking a leadership role in the group, as they did not have the same expectations for the group grade. I foresaw myself putting in a lot of effort and not getting any in return from the other team members. I decided I would put more focus on the individual class work and less effort in my part of the group work, and hope that we were able to turn in a decent report at the due date. After the class was over, I came to see that decision was detrimental to my team experience, as I could have taken more charge of the group, but since I never addressed my issue with them, I cut any chance of forming a good team. I never gave them a chance, and that is the lesson I learned. I should not lessen myself because I believe others will not put in the same effort. If I am able to, I need to keep working hard and let others do what they can. I cannot expect others to have the same goals as myself, I need to let them reach as far as they can. A good manager will work with what he has, and bring out the best from his team members. Second, my patience with others did not help in my team experience. As the project continued and we had weekly team meetings, two of the members started to be behind in

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