The Importance Of Process Improvement

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Organizations and teams use process improvement as a way to stay fit (Power, 2010). The goal of team processes is to create improvements, but the most effective methods show a direct correlation between a large number of variables and accountability. The improvement and assessment of processes is a continuous one. Numerous elements are useful when attempting to monitor and improve project quality. Five elements, in particular, are useful when monitoring and improving the quality of a project. This summary depicts how each of the five elements proved to be helpful with Team B’s individual projects.
Spath notes, “Brainstorming is a technique used to generate many ideas, quickly, on a wide variety of problems or topics” (2013, p.
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Peer review can mean some things but in general, peer review addresses some points such as validity and reliability as well as usefulness and often begins the dialog between varying opinions. One’s peers can be the worst critics but also give the highest praise. Therefore, with scholarly writings, having the endorsement of others within one’s specialty is an honor but sometimes even the disagreements of others can be just as important. Among team members, the ability to give honest and open feedback intending to encourage and not belittle is one of the best tools a student can utilize. Something that was evident among the Discussion was a level of uncertainty about class work, but together the team was able to come up with solutions to individual issues as they arise. Peer review is important in building certain skills and resources important in any team setting. Peer review addresses improving on existing skills and the ability to work as a …show more content…
Our discussion began with attempting to understand the purpose of the team assignment. In addition, the goal of providing assistance to each other was a component as well. Each team member works at a different pace not allowing for an extensive review and discussion that would help each member analyze their work. Despite having this situation, the line of communication is consistently open for all members. The team consistently expressed willingness to help with any difficulties in finishing the individual assignment. The overall goal was to monitor the progress of each member’s individual assignment. The confusion with the team assignment hindered the early discussion of each member’s plan to complete the individual project. Discussions about the individual project must start at an earlier time and participation of all members must be encouraged to have better team

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