Term Paper About Group Interaction

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Reaction: Section One
We stand beyond the half way point of group sessions and I do not feel that the group is developing well into the transition stage. Because there was only one group leader today, I felt awkward to speak my peace about the state of the group progress. However, I did muster-up the courage and told the leader how I felt about the handling of the last group. The leader’s perception of what happened stood different than mine. Consequently, the rest of the group spoke up and agreed with my perception of the group dynamics and issues. I remained grateful and felt camaraderie with members of the group. The group stated that they felt interrogated, silenced, not heard, and all remained concerned with the manner the group had ended last week. The leader grew
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I realized today how close I feel with my classmates, and how safe I feel with them in sharing my thoughts and feelings in a group setting. I also realized that I am building up a little resentment to one of the group leaders.
What do you wish you had done in group today? After our conversation about last week’s group, we all were able to participate openly, actively listen to others, and I felt safe in the group. The only thing we did not get to was last week’s homework, but what we did do today remained more satisfying. I should have explored my resentment but others needed to participate.
How did you work on your personal growth in group today? I remained steadfast and courageous in my convictions. I realized I cared about how this group is affected by what happens in group. I recognized that I can work on things outside of group and bring them into group and make constructive changes with the help of others. I learned that my perceptions were congruent with other members in the group. I also attained compassion and empathy for the group leader, because this cannot be easy to deal with so many strong personalities while trying a new skill.
Evaluation: Section

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