Essay On Personal Action Plan For Working In Online Group

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Personal Action Plan for Working in Online Groups Background information – We are in an online class and later in the semester we were have assigned to work with each other in a group project. Once I get the assignment I’m so nervous and confused because this is my first group project. I did not sleep well that night. I have heard horror stories about working in groups online. Stories about some of the people in the group not pulling their load. When this happens and not corrected in a timely matter the whole group grades can suffer. At this time I was taking five classes to get a certificate and didn’t need any added stress or conflict from anyone else. Also, I was the caregiver for my husband who is not totally disabled, but he needs me …show more content…
This upset Diane to the point that she did Alisha’s questions and posted them in fear of our assignment being turned in late. Diane was worry about her grades and stated: “she did not have time to wait until the last minute.” The other conflict was some in the group was posting their work in Blackboard and others was using the email module in Techlink. Dinah said: “she could not asset Blackboard from her cell phone and needed to post her assignment in Techlink.” Sarah did not do any questions on two of the assignments she said: “she was working two jobs and it just slipped her mind.” This caused a big uproar in the group. Some were saying they have other things going on in life as well, and was able to get their work done on time. A couple nasty emails were sent out. I felt that this was not appropriate, we are adults and my grades are very important to me but we need to treat each other with respect. Peggy agreed to do Sarah’s questions and was able to get them in on …show more content…
We agreed we understood that emergencies happen and we have no control over some things that happen in our lives. We agreed that we would respect each other and not send out nasty emails and make assumptions about each other. In the end, we used the Hardiness approach- commitment- we would do the work that was assigned. Challenge –ourselves to grow from this experience of working in groups. Control – We realize we were capable of changing our perspective to make the group project a success.

Include how long you feel is sufficient to complete each strategy identified in Task 6- This depends on the length of information needed for research. We had two weeks to complete each assignment. The drafts should be turned in by the end of the first week and the final turned in for completion by the second day of the following week. This would give us time to make any correction

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