Mgt 311 Week 4 Individual Reflection

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Group 4 – Individual Reflection Report
What have I learned?
During the project, I handled communication with our audience and working on interviews with our targets with my colleagues. I also attended all meetings with our group to discuss and work part by part as scheduled with my classmates. I have learned from Communication for the Innovation Process how to use my brain better than before, to organize my thinking process in a way to facilitate my thinking method and creativity in more effective manner. In addition, I likewise began to comprehend what I think may not be exact, as the way I see the world may not be the truth in the external world. I likewise discovered that a person attitudes, standards and recognitions can influence his practices, and eventually his fortunes or his fate. In another way, I additionally discovered that where you sit will influence the way you see the world. This is causing individuals from different background, position or culture to translate things in an unexpected way. Additionally, I likewise figured out how to utilize sense-production procedure to improve my innovativeness. There are many tools to improve the innovativeness and development process. Interestingly, I additionally discovered that
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We were going to be working together and we know about each other, we conducted that working on a group project together can provide advantages for each team member and learn new skills. Each one of us had a different job to do during our class assignments such as collecting data from the web, making interviews with people and preparing our reports and presentations. I was trying to take a more active role in our presentations, in exchange for taking a less active role in the idea formatting and report stages. We were trying to assign each one of us because of the variation skills of my group members that could be applied in many parts of the project depending on the area that they are

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