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  • Math Lesson Observation

    This week I watched children in the class solve a word problem on the board. I decide that I wanted to observe the students in Math and make a checklist to assess their understanding of the concept skill presented. The students were suppose to master the skill of solving a word problem with pictures and then when they were done, they were to participant in a class discussion on how to solve the problem. With that being said, I decided to compose a checklist to see if students understood how to…

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  • The Vigils Moral Lesson

    Short Summary: In the beginning Archie and Obie are sitting watching football players and talking about assignments to give to kids. These assignments are for the Vigils who are a gang in the school. Archie, who is the official assigner of the Vigils, gives assignments to Jerry Renault, Roland Goubert, and a few other kids. When Jerry’s friend, Roland Goubert, gets his assignment he is told to go to a classroom and unscrew everything until it’s about to fall off. The next day everything in the…

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  • Greek Mythology Lessons Learned

    In 365 days, you learn 365 lessons. Everyday you learn a lesson, and lot’s of those lessons can be found in Greek Mythology. In Greek Mythology some important lessons are, being too prideful is dangerous, listen when you are given advice and lying is bad. The moral taught or lesson learned in the myth “Arachne” by Olivia Coolidge was that being too prideful is dangerous because it could get you into trouble. For example “-she became angry instead of frightened and an evil thought came into her…

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  • Hurricane 101 Lesson Plan

    ANTICIPATORY SET (hook) Motivation for Lesson: Communicating the academic learning goals and activating prior knowledge/interests of students. • The topic of the lesson will be initially introduced to activate students’ background knowledge about hurricanes. • A video clip named “Hurricane 101” from National Geographic will then be shown to stimulate students’ curiosity. They will be directed to record important information from the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP4rgvu4xDE • I…

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  • White Towel Lesson Analysis

    Though in both lesson plans presented here in this paper, the White Towel and Critical Media Literacy; Commercial Advertising, share the same overall goal; the further development of the students’ media literacy and personal agency, the two lesson plans attempt to achieve this goal in different ways. With an assumption of, at least, an initial medium agency level among students, the White Towel lesson plan attempts to grow media literacy by immersing the student in a representational paradigm…

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  • Reflective Summary: Lesson Plan

    Reflection Summary: Lesson Plan & Instruction: How did your instruction meet the expectations of the Instructional Standards of the NEPF? An expectation within our lessons at my school is to identify the NEPF Instructional standards in our lessons plans and how we anticipate meeting these standards through our instruction. This is my second year writing lessons plans that includes identifying the NEPF Instructional standards. Prior to this course, I found it a bit awkward placing these…

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  • 3 Things About A Lesson

    1. The three best things about the lesson were: As I reflect back on my lesson I cannot say there were three things that I would consider to be the best things about the lesson. I was only given a certain amount of time with each group of kids, therefore I only was able to get through the instructional portion of my lesson. The best part about that was that the students seemed to catch on how to use the area model for division, which in my opinion is a very difficult concept to learn. 2.…

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  • Composition English Lessons

    The University of Memphis is a well-organized institution that considers Composition English, including one and two, as necessary core-curriculum course for all majors to prepare the student for future major-guided classes required to graduate. The final goal is to efficiently develop the skills of the student to help them succeed in their further college 's studies. Specifically talking about Composition English 1020, the course focuses in to develop the student writing skills, with a higher…

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  • American Revolution Lesson Plan

    LESSON PLAN THREE OF THREE 1) Class Makeup 2nd period: This class holds twenty-eight students and is the most advanced class that I observe. This class is the most well-behaved of the three classes and seems to comprehend the material more easily than the other three classes that I observe. From my observation, the class is about sixteen males and twelve females. Of all the classes I observe they are all predominately white, with only six minority students between all three classes. This…

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  • Nine Lessons Of Christmas Vespers

    Christmas Vespors The Christmas Vespers was based on the nine lessons which were Christmas carols. It also included reading from the scripture. The main idea of the Christmas Vespers was to embrace the birth of Jesus and the fall of man kind. Instead of just telling the story through the scripture music was added appositely to the nine readings. This rendition of the Christmas Vespers was exceptionally enjoyable. The show opened up with the Adam giving into the temptation to Eve and the apple.…

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