Micro Lesson Reflection

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There is an old adage that says “those who can’t do teach.” Although I never agreed with this saying, the preparation that went into my micro lesson confirmed that this saying is completely false. In order to prepare a 10-12 minute lesson, (in my case, 15 minutes) I had to spend days researching material, preparing a lesson plan, revisions to ensure I would meet the learning needs of my students, and ultimately be able to teach them something. My presentation was not perfect, but in order to prepare a more effective presentation in the future, I have to evaluate my micro lesson presentation and assess what I did well and what could be improved upon. To do this, I must reflect on my personal perception of the lesson, the feedback of my peers …show more content…
I covered an ample amount of information and met all of the assignment requirements. With that being said, my delivery could have been more strong and I could have cut some of the content so that I could ensure I would have enough time to interact with the students, explain my guided practice assignment more thoroughly, and allow the students enough time to engage with the material in their groups. I prepared for this presentation by selecting a topic that I felt would be interesting to the class and would give them a bit more insight into persuasion as most of my classmates are not communication majors. After narrowing down the topic that I wanted to present, I bought one of the pre-approved/recommended textbooks for the lesson plan and I read the chapter that pertained to that topic. I took notes on the important information and referred to the lesson plan template, Madeline Hunter template, my Bloom’s taxonomy notes, and the micro lesson rubric to ensure that the content i was preparing would meet the requirements. Additionally, I referred to the learning styles we learned throughout the semester to decide how I would meet the varying needs within my …show more content…
I expected to look very frazzled, but instead, I appeared calm while speaking. One thing that I did notice, however, is that my interactions with the class while walking around during the guided practice activity seemed very unnatural. I didn’t want to interrupt the discussions so I sort of stood there awkwardly. In the future, I think I would refer back to the chapter that discusses proxemics and try to implement some of the examples given into my teaching style. Having the presentation recorded helped me gauge my performance and enabled me to critique myself so that in the future I can improve my presentation. Conclusion
In conclusion, my presentation went well but it could have used some tweaking. By reflecting on my personal feelings, the feedback I received from my peers and professor, and the recorded footage, I can effectively prepare for my next presentation. The lessons that I have learned from this presentation will ensure that I select lecture material that will allot me enough time to engage with the class more and enable me to give students more time for group discussion. Additionally, I will work to be fearless and step away from my notes and speak with conviction and enthusiasm during my next

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