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  • Jeremiah Evarts Argumentative Essay

    of that state, Georgia would seize the Cherokee’s land for the use of Georgia, the land of the nation that have been assured to them by the United States. The Cherokee rebuttal this statement in defense that they are sovereign state due to the acts in which The United States Government has “plainly recognized the Cherokee nation as a state.” Too add this this argument, “Georgia was now a state that was scarcely inferior in size to any state in the Union except Virginia; a state having but six or seven souls to a square mile.” Why would Georgia want to take more land that wasn’t even the best, but for what was the best land, had already been ceded? The strongest argument of this case comes from Jeremiah Evarts in the “Defense of the Cherokees: The ‘William Penn’ Essays.” Evarts gives an extraordinary amount of correct reasons justifying the reasons why the Natives should stay, but spends a portion of the essay calling the United States out on their actions, especially their previous actions of signing treaties with the same people, multiple times. It is known that ever since England step foot on this country, there has countless treaties made between the white people and the natives, for peace. “Treaties are declared in the constitution to be the supreme law of the land, as whole volume these supreme laws is to be once avowedly and utterly disregarded?” To add to that, “United States are firmly bound by treaty to protect the Indians from force and encroachments on the…

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  • Freedom Definition

    Before taking this course, my definition of freedom was defined as being able to live a life according to the law, and that by abiding by political sanctions and policies would one then be granted their freedom to pursue a life of happiness and prosperity under the United States’ government. Throughout history, the definition of freedom was changed and manipulated in favor of whites’ political, economic, and social desires. Those in power made drastic decisions when exerting their authority that…

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  • Clemmenta Pickney's Song Analysis

    Most who witnessed the sitting president of these United States, sing the spiritual hymn Amazing Grace at Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC, during his eulogy of falling spiritual warrior Rev. Clemmenta Picknecly would probably agree that it was overwhelming. It appeared to stir a feeling of connectively to all who sang along. Including, it is surmised, those around the world that identified with the words, reason and necessity for such a song at that moment in time. How ironic to…

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  • The Preacher And The Politician Summary

    Since black identity relies on the past oppression it was essential for the brief history of race relations in American religion to be addressed. In a similar manner, the biography of Jeremiah Wright defended his ethos, revealing that his preaching consisted of his own convictions and not the madness that many conservatives claimed he possessed. The authors arguments were clearly one sided, heavily critiquing of established white Christianity and defensive of the black Christian movement.…

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  • The Assyrian Crisis: The Fall Of The Northern Kingdom

    A Servant is a group of people representing Israel who is the best view from Isaiah of the suffering. What is unusual about Jeremiah 's call to be a prophet? He was by God to be a prophet in 626 BC while he was still a child. Many referred to him as the as the "weeping prophet.” He would cry over the message due to the level of judgment. His purpose was to reveal the sins of God 's people and warn of consequences. Initially, Jeremiah resisted God 's call because he was young. However, God…

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  • Analysis Of A More Perfect Union

    Well, if you have, I guarantee they’re not as dedicated as Barrack Obama is to creating a society that is equal in all aspects. In “A More Perfect Union”, Obama expresses that people should not be focused on physical or background differences, they should be focusing on the issues that we all face in society. The issues such as, schools, healthcare and jobs. How do you we focus on the issues we all face rather than the discrimination and the judging? This reading explains exactly how we…

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  • Shooting An Elephant Analysis

    In the essays written by Orwell, Douglass, Obama, and Wong, the political domination of imperialism and stereotypes is discussed by a colonial police officer himself and a person of skin color and a different race. Regardless of the era, many people have experienced the pangs of being an outsider. Considering the fact society plays a crucial role on how you think and view yourself, it is nearly impossible to control society 's point of view. Even though all four author 's revelations are…

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  • The Cherokee Removal: Justification

    Cherokee nation submitted themselves or their land on to the United States government. Many different groups supported the Cherokees fight against the removal. One of the supporters of the Cherokee was Jeremiah Evarts. “The chief administrative officer of the large interdenominational missionary consortium the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.” (Perdue and Green 103). Jeremiah Evarts believed that God had a mission for the United States, that was to convert the entire world…

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  • Assimilation And Non-Native American History

    and assimilate from being a “savage”: some even wrote essays to inform others of their beliefs of a proper relation between the Indian tribes and the United States. Jeremiah Evarts, or “William Penn”, was a missionary on the ‘American Board of Commissionaire’s for Foreign Missions’. Evarts believed the United States should be a “beacon of goodness” that abided by the sovereign rights of the Indians, because the policy of the U.S had always been to respect the sovereign rights of the tribes.…

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  • Trail Of Tears DBQ

    the election of Andrew Jackson(Document C). Jackson received an overwhelming amount of support for his plan to move natives westward(Document B). Congress, however, was ambivalent to moving the natives. In response, Jackson assured Congress that moving them was the best course of action. Jackson argued that the two cultures were too different and that it was better for both the natives’ happiness and ours that we lived apart. These arguments eventually led Congress to pass the Indian Removal…

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