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  • Father Comes Home From The Wars Analysis

    This semester, I have seen numerous of productions that were enjoyable and at the same time, shared a common theme towards the end of the play which was there ticket towards freedom. The two productions I thought resemble this includes Father Comes Home from the Wars and the Royale. These two productions had a common connection of racism moments when they were trying to reach freedom. The main character in each of the productions had a difficult time stepping out of their comfort zones due to the lack of confidence they had and both of the theaters had the proper lights and props to represent the characters.. Father Comes Home from the Wars is a play written by Suzen- Lori Parks that was performed at the Royal Court Theatre. It is a about a man name Hero who was a slave during the American civil war. His goal was to achieve freedom which was not to be a slave. In the beginning of the production, he was given an opportunity to go with his master to war or stay behind and he decided to go on with his master. Many people in his town wanted him to stay behind, but the old man who Hero looked up to him as a father figure wanted him to go and so he did. By making the decision to go with the master, he experienced stepping out of his comfort zone and achieving the freedom that he wanted. The lighting in the Royal Court Theatre was used to depict suspense. At the beginning when Hero was deciding to go to war or stay home, the lights became brighter and brighter. This resembled…

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  • Panopticism In The Novels Of John Berger And Michel Foucault

    Within the books of John Berger and Michel Foucault’s thoughts and ideas, they’re shown throughout their short anthologies. In “Ways of Seeing” and Panopticism; we see a lot of similarities and differences between the authors. From the way they write, to the way they express, to the way they think about their emotions and how they translate it out to their readers. John Berger talks about how we have our own perspectives on seeing things and how we can maintain different views in our society.…

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  • Michel Foucault's Black Mirror

    have passionate sex. For the rest of the night Liam watches their sex, and her encounters with Jonas nonstop. It continues to go downhill for the family as we learn that Ffion has been cheating on Liam for a long time and that their baby is actually a product of the affair. It is through the recorded clips of Ffion’s grain that Liam realizes all of this. The episode ends with Liam alone in a now empty house as he uses a razor blade and cuticle clippers to cut the grain out of his own head. This…

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  • Sherlock Comedy

    Sherlock: The Series that Cures Societies Troubles There’s is arguably nothing worse in life than boredom. If given a chance to alleviate the mundanity of our everyday lives we would all gladly take it. Well, luckily there is or has been a remedy for boredom. Some people (the fans) have argued that the cure for our insufferable and bland lives has been on screen since 2010. And it’s name is Sherlock. The tv show brought to us by the BBC has become a cult phenomenon since it hit our screens in…

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  • Utilitarianism: John Stuart Mill And Peter Singer

    What is Utilitarianism? Utilitarianism is a philosophical concept that holds an action to be held right if it tends to promote happiness for the greatest number of people. Utilitarian’s define the morally right actions as those actions that maximize happiness and minimize misery. Many believe that utilitarianism is an unrealistic theory. Arguments and responses to utilitarianism being too demanding have been made John Stuart Mill and Peter Singer. First, I will explain how Mill and Singer…

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  • Bentham And Mill Vs Utilitarianism

    The utilitarianism main idea is based on two factors. The first element is the happiness, which is the must amount of happiness for the most amount of people. According to the principles of utilitarianism, the man is moved by the principle of the greatest happiness: this is the main criterion of all of his actions, personally and also publicly. At the same time it is applicable at the time of creating the law. An action is defined as successful if, it is useful or beneficial to succeed in…

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  • Outline Of Utilitarianism

    ESSAY PLAN Paragraph 1: Introduction • Utilitarianism as a political theory o ‘Morally right act/policy is that which procedures the greatest happiness’ (Kymlicka 2002, p. 10) • Best way to determine morally right act/policy: • Consequences produced from ones actions – ‘consequentialism’ • Encourages maximizing this overall good • Can be viewed as an exhaustive moral theory o Will focus on utilitarianism as a ‘political morality’ • Outline of essay Paragraph 2: Overview of utilitarianism •…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Qualities

    You are a literary scholar and expert on the mystery genre. You have been asked to deliver a guest lecture for a college course in criminal justice; specifically, you must discuss the qualities of a good detective. Write a lecture that compares two popular detectives, one of whom must be Sherlock Holmes. The other detective can be from another work of literature, a film, or a television series. Evaluate the fictional detectives’ positive and negative qualities, their strategies, and their…

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  • The Dying Detective By Arthur Conan Doyle: An Analysis

    In the story “The Dying Detective,” Sherlock Holmes utilized his intelligence to obtain the truth about a crime committed by Mr. Culverton Smith. The whodunit was written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes planned to frame Mr. Culverton Smith. In order for him to do so, Sherlock Holmes acted as if he had a life threatening disease; he feigned his death. Mr. Culverton had given Sherlock Holmes the box that contained deadly poison. Sherlock Holmes did not tell anyone he was faking because he…

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  • Utopia By Sir Thomas Moore: An Analysis

    In the dialogue, Utopia, written by Sir Thomas Moore, there are multiple aspects to Utopian society that may strike out in some form or fashion to the reader, whether those aspects may be simply odd, interesting or even appalling. However, if I had to pick out one aspect of More’s Utopian society that stuck out to me in an interesting fashion, it would be the Utopians’ definition of what pleasure truly means in their society, and, I have various reasons to think so in that regard. First of all,…

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