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  • Similarities Between Inherit The Wind And To Kill A Mockingbird

    To Kill a Mockingbird and Inherit the Wind are two vastly different forms of literature, focusing on different topics, characters, and morals. Yet there is a similar theme within these stories that they share. Through various characters and traits, Jerome Lawrence, Robert E. Lee and Harper Lee each demonstrate the necessity, as well as, the importance of change and growth through their characters. Scout, only a child throughout the To Kill a Mockingbird, doesn’t change but grows into her character. At the beginning of the novel, she behaves as any child would. She’s impulsive, selfish and quick to fight. Equipped with an odd set of morals for her age, Scout always does what she thinks is right. It’s as she grows that she starts to do what she…

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  • Differences Of Nouthetic And Integrative Counseling

    Differences of Nouthetic and Integrative Counseling The field of psychology has been divided many times into many different schools of thought and even in Christian counseling these differences in opinion still come forth. The two sides to Christian counseling are Nouthetic/traditional counseling and Integrative counseling. Nouthetic just focuses on using the New Testament and the Old Testament together to teach people and to try and help them with any issues. Integrative counseling not only…

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  • The Old Testament Analysis

    According to historiographer Gabrielle Spiegel, chroniclers in the early middle ages sought to depict history, or events that were happening contemporary to his writing, as transparently as possible. These chroniclers were committed to depicting history as accurately as possible, whether that be through text or images. The 6th century Christian philosopher Cassiodorus documented how important chroniclers were in the development of the Christian religion and how important documentation is for the…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Good Hours By Robert Frost

    The poem “Good Hours” by Robert Frost is a poem that alludes the feeling of solitude and loneliness to its readers. Frost himself faced a great deal of heartbreak in his time. While “Good Hours” is one of his lesser known poems, it is no doubt beautiful and artistic in the least. Much like almost all of Frost’s poems, this poem uses nature to reveal and analyze the narrator’s feelings. Renowned poet, Robert Frost, in his poem, “Good Hours”, describes a scenic walk through a village on a winter…

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  • Juke Box Musical Analysis

    The musical has gone through many changes in its lifetime. Its has been developed, explored and performed in millions of theatres around the world. But what really are the foundations of the art form itself? All of the three elements are really important, but there is one that stands out and has changed the most. That would be the music. The music has served the musical in many ways. It serves the characters extended feelings of fulfillment and gives the audience something to hum out of the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On A World Concert

    One day in June, I can’t quite remember the exact date, but it was June 2015. As I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed one particular post caught my attention. The post consisted of a photo heading in big bold, all caps, red letters: BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR [MADE] and underneath read: Los Angeles Staple Center Oct 3, 2015. I couldn’t believe what I was reading that I had to reread a few times. I knew they were on a world tour but there was no news on them coming to the United States. My…

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  • West Side Story: Music Analysis

    show would be Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story. West Side Story seemed to follow the conventions of the Rodgers and Hammerstein II duos. There are many similarities between this musical and the duos’ shows. For example, there are multiple love affairs involved (Anita and Bernardo, Tony and Maria). There are aspects of the music that help the audience relate to the characters and show each of the characters’ complexities. The dramatic elements of the story are not only enhanced by the…

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  • Why Is Richard Rodgers Important

    It’s Possible! The importance of Richard Rodgers What does the sound of music, Oklahoma, South Pacific, and Cinderella have in common. They have the music written by the Richard Rodgers. Richard Rodgers helped change the face of Broadway musicals, he changed them by giving them each individual stories that made them both memorable and loveable. This essay will discuss how Richard Rodger early life affected his work, his legacy, and the importance of his work. Richard Charles Rodgers was born on…

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  • Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story Comparison

    Film Adaptations: Romeo and Juliet (1968) and West Side Story (1961) Many films have been created based on novels and play scripts. Plays have transitioned from performances on stage to the big cinema screens. Since many legendary play scripts were created before our century, American film directors had to ask themselves, “How can an older piece of work interest the audience of today?”. Directors found it challenging to express an original piece of work while attempting to interest the minds…

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  • Reflection On Piaget Theory

    Mikayla Prettyman Reflection 6 Piaget's Theory In piaget's theory there are four stages of cognitive development that the brain goes through from birth to adulthood. The four stages are sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. The first stage sensorimotor is from birth to about the age of 2. Babies take in the world through their senses which is hearing, touching, mouthing, and grasping. Young babies live in the present “out of sight out of mind”. If you show a…

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