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  • Themes In August Wilson's The Piano Lesson

    Playwright August Wilson uses his plays to display the struggles of Black Americans living throughout the twentieth century. In fact, August Wilson uses The piano Lesson to uncover the hardships Boy Willie and his family face focusing on a time when his family was held captive as slaves to a chance to own his own piece of land. The Piano Lesson demonstrates the importance of family heirlooms and how no amount of money could ever replace the sentimental value they hold. Berniece and Boy Willie…

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  • Style Lessons In Clarity And Grace Summary

    In the book by Joseph M. Williams and Joseph Bizup, entitled, “Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, 12th Edition,” the authors provided advice to students on writing basic clarity; summarizing the principles of forming sentence structures that readers can comprehend. The authors approach to help students manage the tedious sentence revisions and organized sources; this allows students to focus on ideas prior to the due date. In In each chapter exercises, the authors illustrate techniques for…

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  • The Playwright August Wilson's In The Piano Lesson

    address political topics, express his emotions, and do things he would never be able to do out in the “white man’s world.” Decades after the Civil Rights Movement, in 1990, August Wilson wrote one of his more noteworthy productions called The Piano Lesson. This play is the fourth book in Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle which is a series…

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  • Reflective Essay: Lessons Of A Childhood Graduate

    Lessons of a Childhood Graduate Childhood means something different to each person. For some, their youth meant family and community; for others, being a youth meant self-discovery and independence. Regardless, everyone has a few core values they have learned from their childhood. For me, the most important parts of my childhood was adventure, sports and family. Adventure encourages risk-taking and new experiences. It allows individuals to discover their passions and a zest for life. Sports…

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  • Examples Of An Effective Mathematics Lesson Plan

    What is an Effective Mathematics Lesson Plan? An effective mathematics lesson plan entails a teacher beginning with opening activities that will activate learner’s prior knowledge of the subject. The teachers will present clearly defined objectives and the reason why students need to learn the lesson. This will help students as well as teachers to concentrate on the important aspects that are implicated within the lesson. Additionally, teachers should choose problems that promote learning and…

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  • Themes Of Metaphors In The Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara

    sometimes they begin at nine months. The short story, “The Lesson”, by Toni Cade Bambara is filled with all types of metaphors that lead to one thing, the theme. Every child is teachable, but each child learns in their own way and at their own pace. The author expresses this in three ways: the lessons that Miss Moore teaches, the way she teaches, and how the children react to the lessons. The author expresses quite a few lessons to support her theme and she uses the character Miss…

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  • Teaching English Language Lessons By Stylisti Simmons

    This is true not only in English language arts but for many other subjects like math, science, and social studies. The way Simmons uses the Hunger Games Trilogy to teach her lesson on the intentional sentence fragment is a way of incorporating trade books into her lesson. Alvermann mentioned the use of trade books by saying that they are "a strategy for using reading as a schema builder" (pg.180). Alvermann also states that "writing is a special kind of thinking and that…

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  • Lessons In Master Haroldd And The Boys By Athol Fugard

    Sarah Williamson Ms.Sando Yellow 3/9/15 Life’s Compassionate Lessons A teacher’s mentoring can have long lasting positive effects on the choices and outcomes students. Throughout the play “Master Harold”...and the boys by Athol Fugard, Sam, one of the main characters is portrayed as an influential teacher for Willie and Hally. Sam is employed by Hally and his white family. Sam and Willie work in a restaurant run by Hally 's family. Sam has raises Hally once he starts working for the family.…

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  • Reflective Essay: Three Lessons I Learned

    Throughout life, we learn different lessons be it from a teacher such as your parents, guardians, spouse, etc. or just going out and living and collecting experiences. From these, we grow and become the person we are today. We learn to shape us into the person we are and motivate the things we do and believe. I believe heavily in three core things I’ve learned in my life through experience. These core principles are Trust is something earned, sometimes you must think outside the box, and don’t…

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  • Analyse The Art Principle And Elements Of A Lesson Plan

    1. 3-2-1: I can use that in my last 10 minutes of my class, because I can know how much they had learned, what they love and what they can think of after my class. It can really help me to improve and revise my lesson plan too. 2. Agreement circle: I think I can use it in the art history and the art principle and element, I will just show them some picture and ask them about what art principle and element or what year of that painting, to let them discuss about it. 3. Alternative assessments: I…

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