Reflection On Self-Change Goals

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For three weeks, my self-change goal was to run everyday for 30 minutes. The reason I chose this goal was to form a habit of consistent exercise in my life. The main barriers to the successful application of the goal were college classes I attended at night. However, after rearranging my running schedule, the barriers were overcome. During the total course of the project, the first week presented the most difficulty because of my amateur ability to sustain running for long periods of time. After evaluating my progress in the first week, I edited my goal which led to successful second and third weeks. Overall, the project was successful and I learned a lesson about preconceived judgments. The main barriers to accomplishing my goal were nighttime college classes. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I attended classes from 5:40 PM to 8:30 PM and the drive home lasted around 30 minutes. By the time I arrived home, I was tired and wanted to eat dinner, shower, and go to bed. The solution to overcoming the barriers was running in the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I accomplished my daily running goal and did not have stress …show more content…
Although, there was still an issue. For two days (November 15 and 16), I was sick and was unable to go running. Though, the day before I got sick, I was able to run for 35 minutes, which was a record running time. Also, after I recovered from the sickness, I was able to run for 33 minutes, another long period of time. During the third week, there were not days in which I did not run. On all seven days, I ran for 20 minutes of above, including four days I ran for 30 minutes, or above, making it my most successful week of running. I think the success of the third week was predictable because I spend the previous two weeks practicing and honing my running skills. After the conclusion of the project, I continue to run, but only for four to five days a week instead of seven

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