My Reflection Of Co-Learning In The Classroom

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About the classroom: Ms. Yoder and I have a classroom of 21 eighth grade students taking Pre-Algebra. One student in the classroom is on an IEP with multiple academic goals and a behavior goal. He is a level 3 student. This is Ms. Yoder’s first year in the district, therefore it is our first year working together. We are not co-teaching to the level we ultimately want to be, but we feel we are heading in the right direction. We are definitely get more comfortable with each other as our relationship has grown from the beginning of the year.

2/15(Lead and Support): Ms. Yoder started the year with a flipped math classroom, but we recently decided to go back to the more “traditional” method to see how or if student learning
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Students then took a lesson quiz over the learning goal, and they received immediate feedback on their email. Those students who received feedback indicating they were non proficient on the learning goal were directed to the back table for reteaching. Since Ms. Yoder was absent, we planned for me to provide reteaching to the students, and the substitute to keep a close eye on the students who were working independently at their desks. During the reteaching, I followed a direct lesson framework with the “I Do, We Do, You Do” process, so students were clearly shown how to complete the problems correctly before completing more problems with guided practice and independence. Student M was part of my group, and he benefited from this extra instruction and practice, as did other students. Some students required less practice than others to demonstrate their …show more content…
Yoder grades assessments based on learning goal achievement. Because of this, we always plan a data folder day a few days after an assessment. This day is dedicated to students making test corrections to “fix” their understanding of a goal and improve their grade. Students followed the process of: analyzing the mistake, fixing the mistake with work shown, and a brief explanation of the corrected answer for each problem missed. Student M was willing to fix some of his mistakes, so we chose to fix at least one problem per page of the assessment. Students who had very few test corrections or were able to finish before the end of the class period were able to sign into the Khan Academy account and review any math concept of their choice to prepare for the Iowa

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