What Do Students Need To Know Before They Engage In This Lesson?

A 4. Describe your students’ prior instruction and background knowledge and how those factors will influence your planning and/or instruction for the lesson you will submit.
What do students need to know before they engage in this lesson? Include, as well, what do children know, what can they do and what are they learning to do related to language and literacy development? Students are familiar with chicks, butterflies, and frogs, and most have seen these animals before. However, most students do not have any prior knowledge on life cycles. Teacher will use a book and a video to help her teach this concept. Both the book and the video will support language and literacy development through reading, speaking, listening, and discussions. It will also support science through its content.
A 5. Describe and explain characteristics of your
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During the small group activity, ADHD child will sit on a bouncy ball in order to give him the movement he needs without moving away from the activity.
A 6. Describe other relevant factors that will affect your lesson planning (e.g., student groupings, district mandates, required instructional materials or methods) and how those factors will influence your planning and/or instruction for the lesson to be submitted. Teacher will introduce this lesson to the class as a whole. All children will sit on the rug and the teacher will read Chick Cycle by Liza Charlesworth, so they can all pay attention to the book as a group. Teacher will show a short video on general life cycle and will then teach a small lesson on this phenomenon. Teacher will explain to the children that they will be working on creating their own chick life cycle. Teacher will send the children to work in small groups. Therefore, there will be whole-group activity, as well as small group

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