Critical Reflection Paper

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Critical question: I wonder what happens when I try improving lesson pacing by first incorporating effective transitions and procedures in the classroom, second checking for student understanding, third using effective lesson planning, and fourth assuring that students are engaged?
Contextual factors:
I conducted this action research project in a Title I school, where I was an intern. I am at the school two days a week all day. The school I am at currently has 82.16% free and reduced lunch. The kindergarten class I was in has 20 students, 7 girls and 13 boys. There are two students who the teacher believes to have attention deficit disorder but have not been diagnosed because they are only in kindergarten. The students had many different levels
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My critical friend I chose was an intern in the other kindergarten classroom at the school. My critical friend was able to observe my T2 lesson and give me cruisial feedback both written and on an observation checklist I generated prior to her observing. The checklist correlated directly with my four strategies witch were, effective transitions and classroom procedures, lesson planning, student engagement, and lastly checking for student understanding. She gave me written and verbal feedback based on these four criteria’s that she was able to compete through observation. The third data source in my action research project was the students. My students are in kindergarten, because of this, I decided to verbally ask students one on one questions after I taught both my lessons. I listened to what students answered and documented the results. In order to do this I thought the fairest way to ask students was to do a random selection of students. I thought that by doing this I would get the best, fairest results for my research. It was a little hard to get effective feed back from my students because they are so …show more content…
I did this because I am the one who is conducting the research. I also did this because the bulk of my findings would come from my data collection tool through the use of journaling. I was able to do my journaling throughout my time spent at the school witch would give me a lot of what I needed to discover through observation. The bottom two corners are my critical friend and students. I used these as the bottom two corners because as much as I feel they are important I also believed they gave a great deal of support to my own observation witch would be the top of the triangle. This means that I was able to create a lot of conclusions through my own observations but I was also able to get a great deal of information or support through the two bottom corners holding me up through student questionnaires and critical friend

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