What Is My Classroom Management Plan

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Classroom Management Plan for Amy
Classroom management is arguably the most important aspect in the classroom. Being an effective teacher is important as well, but to teach well you need to have control over the classroom. When you have the right control, the classroom will benefit. Good classroom management keeps everybody on task including the teacher. When the teacher is distracted by trying to control a situation, the class suffers and there is less time for learning. As students develop, they need a stable routine in their classroom. Interruptions to the routine can cause stress and anxiety because the students are not clear on their roles in the classroom. This leads to chaos and negative learning experiences.
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The third step is offering choices. When the student is not responding to the first two steps, I will offer them choices. While doing this, I will use a calm, respectful and firm voice. What I will say will be something along the lines of “Your choice is to ________ or to ________. I hope you choose to _______.”. These choices allow students to think about what they are doing.
4. The fourth and final step is following through with the consequences. This is one of the most important steps because if you do not follow through with your plan then students will not listen to all of the other steps again. I have to be considerable and consistent with the consequences as well. I need to remember to stay focused on the conflict and save lessons for later.
All of these steps and precautions will help me have great control over my classroom. The whole reason for having a good classroom management plan is so that I have more time to teach. When I have more time to teach, I can be better at my job. Having a classroom management plan creates a safe space where students feel inspired to learn. I am motivated to have a great classroom, no matter what kind of students I get. With this classroom management plan, I feel confident that I will be a great

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