Disruptive Behavior In The Classroom

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The teaching profession is constantly changing. Changes in the learning needs of children, research on classroom management, different pedagogy methods, alterations in curriculum, and so much more is happening in the 21st century classrooms. Teachers must adapt with the changes in order to have student success, which means becoming a life long learner. On a daily basis teachers are challenged by their classroom management expertise, by handling disruptive behavior from students. With the expectation of doing so in a manner that doesn’t reinforce negative behavior. The following content of this paper will review connections with past research, along with understanding where these behaviors originate in middle school students.

Teachers are constantly faced with an ample amount of behavioral problems in their classroom on a day-to-day basis. In turn, resulting in high levels of emotional exhaustion and stress. Disruptive behaviors not only cause distractions in other students learning, but also can potentially result in a threatening classroom environment. Unfortunately some of the strategies that are used in the classroom today are not finding the issues that are causing students to behave inappropriately, and can unknowingly reinforce the behaviors. Understanding why students
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Having difficulty relating to an ever-growing diverse group of students, inability to evaluate student behavior, and the incapacity to produce affective mediations to promote academic success in students; these factors can help explain why teachers cannot handle behavior problems successfully. (Gable, R. A., Hester, P. P., Hester, L. R., Hendrickson, J., & Sze, S. 2005, p. 40). In order to help students, teachers must be able to understand the origin of the behaviors to gain clarity. One way is to recall what previous research has to

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