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  • Jazz Impact On African American Culture

    And All That Jazz Elie Kern 11/20/15 11AP3 Mrs. Wang-Birnbaum Jazz has had a powerful impact on both general American culture and the African-American community. From its modest beginnings, this type of music is now one of the most well-known genres in the world, and this process has impacted American music tremendously. For the African American community, the development of jazz has advanced the goal of racial equality. The history of how jazz became as important as it…

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  • Slavery, Pain, And Consequences Of Jazz Music

    “Where words fail, music speaks.”-Hans Christian Andersen (Phillip). Jazz was not born on a specific day. It formed over years of slavery, pain, and discrimination. Jazz music led to the exploration of the pain and troubles of slaves and African- Americans went through during the course of many years. Slave music is the basis of jazz music. In 1619, the first slaves arrived in America (Shmoop). Slaves could not speak poorly of their masters, so they used songs to speak in code (History). Often…

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  • Review Of The Temple College Jazz Combo

    Temple College Jazz Combo I attended a Brown Bag Event featuring the Temple College Jazz Combo, on November 29, 2016 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. The recital took place at the Mary Alice Marshall Performing Arts Center in the Jackson-Graeter Backstage Theatre. The combo consisted of four members of the Temple College Jazz Ensemble, who “weren’t getting enough jazz” so the smaller group was put together, per their director, Dr. Benjamin Irom. The quartet is comprised of Jacob Armstrong from Belton…

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  • Louis Armstrong's Contribution To The Jazz Career

    on August 4, 1901, he was born in the birthplace of jazz--New Orleans, Louisiana. He was in foster care throughout his teenage years. His father abandoned the family right after Louis was born, and his mother resulted to prostitution, so he was often left with his maternal grandmother. He began working in fifth grade where he developed a interest in music, this interest lead him to his jazz career. Louis Armstrong contributed a great deal to jazz, but just a few are his popular rhythm which…

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  • Texas State Jazz Ensemble Analysis

    Texas State Jazz Ensemble: Special Guess Steve Houghton- Music Critique The Texas State Jazz ensemble, with special guest drummer Steve Houghton, was filled with an uplifting set list. A mixture of trumpets, drums, piano, saxophones, bass, guitar, and trombones played harmoniously with distinct soloist for each song. The Texas State Jazz ensemble did a wonderful job, especially their solo performers. Steve Houghton was also quite fantastic, living up to his name. The overall experience was very…

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  • Jazz Music: The Period Of The Harlem Renaissance

    To millions of Americans, jazz was the most notable part of the Harlem Renaissance. Borrowing from blues, ragtime, and other popular forms, jazz musicians developed an ensemble style in which individual performers, keeping a rapid ragtime beat, improvised over and around a basic melodic line (Henretta 674). Such as all good music it has a way of bringing people together. Most of the early jazz musicians were black, but white performers, some of whom had more…

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  • Characteristics Of New Orleans Style Jazz

    Katie Connelly Donald Mack Music 105 21 November 2016 New Orleans Style Jazz Around the turn of the twentieth century, a musical style called jazz was developed in the United States of America. Jazz was specifically invented in the southern cities such as New Orleans, Louisiana predominately by those of the Black descent. According to Music: An Appreciation, “Jazz can be described generally as music rooted in improvisation and characterized by syncopated rhythm, a steady beat, and distinctive…

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  • Jazz Vs Rock Music Essay

    Jazz is a music genre which originated from African American society in the United States in the late 18th and early 19th century. Jazz music emphasizes improvisation along with the use of different musical instruments. Rock is also a music genre which originated in the United States in mid twentieth century. Rock music refers to rocking and rolling, reference to dancing and sex. Also it uses different types of recording techniques and unique instruments. Rock ushered in psychedelic rock era.…

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  • The Influence Of Jazz Music In The 1920's

    The Jazz age was a time of partying, dancing and jazz music; it was careless and fun for everyone who participated. The era began in the 1920’s but ended when the Great Depression started and it was mostly in the United States, Britain and France. Jazz music became a part of everything, its rhythm and beat was used in a lot of art forms, especially in poetry. Poets responded to Jazz music by making a rhythm in their poems and using sounds that particularly jazz instruments made in their poems,…

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  • Sal Salvador's Influence On Jazz Music

    His principle musical enthusiasm for the starting, which he had in the same manner as various of his buddies, was playing hillbilly music. Amid the mid 1940s Sal started to end up amped up for jazz music essentially through the recordings of trumpeter Harry James. Sal Salvador first started playing jazz on an acoustic guitar in the style of Dick McDonough, Carl Kress, and George Van Eps. Subsequent to listening to a few recordings of Charlie Christian playing with Benny Goodman he chose to…

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