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  • Taking A Look At A Jazz Concert

    For my musical concert paper I went to see a jazz show that took place in Oakland on Friday October 2, 2015. I saw a performance by The Lost Trio + The Empty Cage Quartet at studio grande. The location where it was held was much more inmate space then I was expecting there to be. It was not too fancy and there was a medium to small crowd there, not like one you would see in a symphony. It was a more informal setting, jazz is a more relaxing and casual form of music, unlike other type of music…

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  • Miles Davis And Miles Armstrong's Impact On Jazz

    changing the musical genre of jazz forever. With his trumpet in hand, Louis Armstrong took the jazz world, and even the entire world of music by storm with his famous gravelly voice and his focus on solo performances in jazz, a change of pace from the prominent collective improv focused jazz of the time. While making these groundbreaking changes to jazz, Armstrong also charmed the public with his stage presence and charisma. Miles Davis, however made his impact on jazz over the course of many…

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  • The Civil Rights Movement: How It Changed Jazz

    The Civil Rights Movement: How it Changed Jazz “Southern trees bear a strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black bodies swingin' in the Southern breeze, Strange fruit hangin' from the poplar trees. “Strange Fruit” initially performed by Billie Holiday depicts one of the initial repercussions of the Civil Rights movement‒ a lynching. Holiday’s expression of the event delivers an overall timbre and mood for jazz in the coming era. The development of the Civil Rights movement…

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  • Roy Eldridge's Dizzy Gillespie: A Jazz Genius

    Dizzy Gillespie was initially influenced and dreamed to be a famous jazz musician like his idol Roy Eldridge. Dizzy was highly influenced by Roy after hearing him play his song on the radio and immediately wanted to become a jazz musician like Roy. Roy Eldridge John Birks Gillespie was born on October 21st 1917 in Cheraw, South Carolina. He is the youngest of nine children in his family and began playing Piano at the age of 4. At 10 years old his father passed away and not long after, by…

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  • How Did Louis Armstrong Influence The Jazz Industry

    Louis Armstrong is considered to be one of the greatest and most influential jazz musicians of all time. Coming into prominence in the 1920s, his fame stretched across decades through his unique style of trumpet playing, playing in bands of some of the more influential jazz musicians, being mentored by influential jazz musicians and becoming a nationwide cultural icon, not just in the view of the entertainment industry, but in the view of all of America (Megill, 76). His inventiveness,…

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  • Song Analysis: The Jazz Age

    The Jazz Age took place in the 1920s. In this era jazz music and dance came together and created what is known today as the Jazz Age. This name was adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald, an American novelist and short story writer. He came up with this name because of the rhythms it had, fast paced beats, and the style and spirit that it possessed. In this literary analysis, tone, symbolism, and imagery will be acknowledged and discussed based on the lyrical rhythm this song has. Billie Holiday…

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  • Jazz Music: Voodoo Rhythms In New Orleans

    Jazz music is the most quintessentially “American” of all music traditions for many reasons. Many people, of different cultures or ethnic groups, have come together to share their love of jazz music. “Jazz has gone from being America’s music to the world’s music.” (www.jazzinamerica.org) “The French, Spanish, and African, Italian, and Irish- found common cause in their love of music.” (www.nps.gov) To some jazz was known as the result of the melting pot, New Orleans. Jazz was created in the…

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  • How Did Lester Young Influence Jazz

    Jazz is a popular style of music that emerged around the late 1800s in New Orleans, a city of great ethnic diversity and unique musical styles. Jazz music, throughout history, had the capability to bridge racial difference by bringing people of different backgrounds together to share in the common interests of listening to jazz. Many of the early most prominent jazz musicians, like Lester Young, were able to bring their own unique styles and improvisations to the development of jazz, to help…

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  • How Did Miles Davis Influence Jazz

    American Jazz sensation, Miles Dewey Davis III was born in Alton, Illinois, on May 26th 1926. The nine time Grammy winner is considered to be one of the top musicians of his era. He forever changed the style of jazz and history of music. Throughout his years in music, he has proven to be a universal musical genius that was able to stretch his style of sound for miles. Davis grew up in a middle class home with his parents, Miles Davis Jr. and Cleota Henry. His father was a successful oral…

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  • Louis Armstrong's American Jazz Trumpeter: Satchmo Or Pops

    This Documentary concerning American jazz trumpeter as well as singer Louis Armstrong, Louis Armstrong's (known as Satchmo or Pops) basic declaration to his initial life is a fun and incredible read. Composed with extraordinary realism, Louis conveyed a rousing story starting from his origination, to his existence with his grandmother, to his initially cherish (which was extremely disagreeable), to his initially separation (which I believe was beneficial for him), to his initially enterprise…

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