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  • Studio Jazz Ensemble Research Paper

    Wednesday, November 16 at 12:00 noon was hosting the Studio Jazz Ensemble in Building K, room K413. One of the numerous buildings of Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus. The Studio Jazz Ensemble consists of 9 members. When there are less than 10 members it is called a Jazz Combo. The young Musicians who performed were Yami Ayala- Vocal, Alex Arias- Bass, George Fernandez- Guitar, Christian Martinez- Drums, Charles English-Drums, Christian Romero- Piano, Andrew Collado- Tenor Sax, Marcel Diaz-…

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  • Rich Matteson Jazz Corner Analysis

    enjoyed listening to Rich Matteson’s Jazz Corner. I listened to two other tapes, and they were all equally interesting. Rich Matteson’s broadcast had a very relaxed feel; even the tone of his voice is relaxing! I really like that he knew exactly what he was talking about; considering his prolific career and vast knowledge of music and jazz, everything he said was relevant, and he was very well-spoken. His broadcast is excellent for discovering jazz songs and jazz artists, as well as learning…

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  • How Did Jazz Music Affect Society

    that have been created, including Jazz and Trap music. Jazz music, which has come about in the late 1800s, is a genre that was created by African Americans in New Orleans. It grew its popularity in the 1920s when Louis Armstrong first introduce the early form of Jazz which was influenced by Ragtime and Blues. Others perceive Jazz as a collaboration of African and European styles of music. Armstrong evolved jazz music into a rapid rhythmic style and called it Hot Jazz. After musicians such as…

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  • Jazz In Johnny Mercer's Song Tangerine

    the form of music that was the most greatly imported from the U.S. was jazz. As with tango in the U.S., Argentinians interpreted and made use of jazz in different ways than those employed in the country of origin. They listened to jazz with varying attitudes, some critical, some complementary, and as their U.S. counterparts had done with Latin Americanism, Argentinians viewed jazz, and U.S. culture in general, as the other. Jazz was as exotic to them as tango was to people in the U.S.…

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  • Reflective Essay: Different Types Of Jazz Music

    the most since its a music event plus it something different compared to the kind of music I grow up with. Jazz is not a popular music where I am from However with the internet as well as the tv I had the chance to introduced to this style of music. I find jazz music different than any other music its very relaxing as well as enjoyable. I was expecting to listen to a typical american jazz with the common typical instrument such as Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Flute. However I was…

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  • Swing Jazz In The Machine Age By Le Corbusier

    Corbusier, visiting New York City. Le Corbusier marveled both the city and the musical culture of African-Americans. He believed, “jazz is an event representing the forces of today” (p. 3). The forces of today are the industrialization and mass production of American society. He even goes on to state that American society is a “machine for living” (p. 3). Le Corbusier believed jazz reflected and contained chaotic yet continuous rhythmic flow that normal observers would view as primitive.…

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  • Jazz Concert At The Club Heritage Faculty Showcase

    For my jazz performance event, I had the opportunity to attend the Club Heritage Faculty Showcase. This showcase was a part of the jazz series. The group that performed was called Jeremy Long Quartet. At the concert, Jeremy Long Quartet preformed some Jazz classics as well as some original songs. The concert showcase was on Tuesday, October 2016 at 7:30pm Shriver Center, Heritage Room. There were several performers that participated in the showcase. One of the performers, Jeremy Long,…

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  • Analysis Of The Mysterious Jazz By Jelly Roll Morton

    The article, ‘The Mysterious Jazz’ by Greenville Vernon and Jelly Roll Morton’s 1938 oral history Library of Congress Recording talks about the origins of Jazz. Jelly Roll Morton’s perspective on the origin of Jazz is more historical than that of Greenville Vernon. They have similar perspectives on how the origin of Jazz came about, however, Jelly Roll Morton is able to expand more on the history and origin of Jazz. In the New York Tribune, ‘The Mysterious Jazz’ article by Greenville Vernon…

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  • How Did Jazz Develop In New Orleans

    Jazz and the City of New Orleans Among the various genres of music, Jazz is one that is greatly misunderstood and underappreciated. Jazz is an original type of music that was developed in New Orleans during the 20th Century. Many factors contributed into the development of Jazz, including cultural, political, and economic aspects as well as prior music from various countries and the influence of New Orleans’s Storyville district. The development and success of Jazz is greatly due to the fact…

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  • How Did Louis Armstrong Influence Jazz

    Louis Armstrong is, no doubt, is the one that popularized jazz more than other jazz musicians at the time. There were many other extraordinary musicians at that time, but Louis Armstrong was the lighthouse. Louis Armstrong grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Louis Armstrong was poor when he was young, with both of his parents working in the factory struggling to survive. Louis Armstrong had contact with jazz since he was a young kid, received his first cornet when he was twelve. Unfortunately,…

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