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  • Jazz Music: Music Analysis

    Free is the sound we make and judge is what minds do. I have been learning how to improvise on my guitar for almost a year now through the methodologies of jazz music, in which improvisation plays an integral role. Being able to express our thoughts through music is wonderful, and though all musicians express them through the compositions they make and the music they play, there is a particular joy in being able to convey your thoughts into sound with immediacy that attracted me to this…

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  • ISU Jazz Concert Report

    The concert I decided to attend was on Thursday, March 31st, at 8pm in Kemp Recital Hall. The concert consisted of ISU Jazz Combos. Speficaly, there were two different combos, the Marko Combo and the Nolan Combo. Within the Marko Combo, the songs of Stablemates by Benny Golson, Desfinado by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Everybody wants to be a Cat by Robert and Richard Sherman, Ballade de Papillon by Jeff Arbisi, and One for Trane by Mickey Bass were played. The Marko Combo consisted of Kevin Buck and…

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  • Jazz During The Harlem Renaissance

    Jazz originated from New Orleans, but soon began to spread throughout the country. It was sold and played only in the black neighborhoods of big cities. Radios along with phonographs made music more accessible than ever. Jazz recordings were called “race records”. The new music inspired new dances and moves. Jazz musicians tried to make a name for themselves while it was popular. Louis Armstrong was one of the most famous musicians of the Harlem Renaissance; he basically got jazz music out…

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  • Jazz Influence On African American Culture

    receive music and news. The radio gave people access to a wide variety of music (Jazz par. 2). Cars were being produced quicker and cheaper by the invention of the assembly line. This made cars affordable for the middle class (Jazz par. 5). Cars, radios, appliances, and telephones became common household items (Jazz par. 4). Another thing that technology changed were movies. Many people started going to movie theaters (Jazz par. 2). In 1926, there were twenty thousand movie theaters across the…

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  • Fusion Jazz Influence

    Influence of Fusion Jazz Fusion Jazz is a genre of jazz which mainly includes a collaboration of Jazz music with one or more musical genres. Other musical genres which are combined with Jazz include funk, rock, rhythm and blues, and Latin Jazz. Fusion Jazz started to develop in the late 1960’s and this was an era when a huge number of jazz musicians experimented with creating new sounds with electric instruments. The origins of fusion jazz are known to be jazz, rock, bebop, blues, funk, and…

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  • The Influence Of Jazz In The 1930's

    Racism was always mixed with jazz. But it just “created tension and strengthened” around the community at times but that changed in the 1930s. In the 1930s the Great Depression hit America which made a big impact in the economy and affected every part of America. Jazz music was mostly affected by the depression, people began staying “home and listening to the radio, instead of spending their money and going to nightclubs” (History of Jazz). In effort to save the jazz music and its popularity,…

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  • Jazz Concert Report Sample

    On Friday, July 10th, the local instrumental jazz group Yuma Jazz Company played at Lutes Casino for a couple of hours. The instrumentation was fairly standard for a jazz group, with trumpet, saxophone, guitar, double bass, and drums (I believe those were electric). The guitar and bass, along with the drums, served as a sort of basso continuo, generally backing the horns, but occasionally taking up the melody for themselves, resulting in a texture that was thinly polyphonic. Also noticeable was…

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  • Jazz Concert Report Essay

    Jazz Concert Report The performance I had attended for this report was the Winter Jazz Concert. At the concert they played six musical selections, five of which were original compositions, making them far more difficult. In this report, I will be discussing the pieces I heard that night at the performance. As a side note, though I have gone to the concert, my memories of every detail in the pieces are a bit hazy since I was not able to recored the performance. For this reason I will be using…

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  • Jazz Improvisation Ensemble Concert Report

    For this first review I attended the Jazz Improvisation Ensemble concert here at the University of Redlands on Monday, November the 30th at eight in the evening in the Frederick Lowe Recital Hall. The concert featured two groups: the Eleven O’clock Jazz Improvisation Ensemble with charts that included “Sugar” by Stanley Turrentine, “Moon Alley” by Tom Harrell, and “Chicken Dog” by John Scofield; and the One O’clock Jazz Improvisation with charts that included “Joy Spring” by Clifford Brown,…

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  • Jazz: America's Greatest Gift To The World

    interview Laurie states that Jazz is Americas greatest gift to the world, to which Steven Colbert responds by asking what Britain’s greatest gift to the world was. Colbert answers his own question saying that America is Britain’s greatest gift to the world. All perfectly relevant, being that this British actor is best know for his role as an American doctor in House M.D., and humorous, it does raise the question of where does Jazz come from? Well America, of course, I know that jazz was…

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