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  • Community Interview Reflection

    My Critique After looking back on my community interview, there were a couple of things I noticed. One thing was that I did a pretty good job using attending and SOLER skills. I kept eye contact for the majority of the interview, I kept my body open, and I refrained from creating barriers between myself and the interviewee. These are all things I have been working hard on, and am happy to see some improvements. Another thing was that I tried to use some reflective listening and summaries. At…

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  • Mock Interview Analysis

    Haddaway, Amanda. “Benefits Of A Mock Interview.” Careeralism. 2 March 2016. Web. 15 Apr. 2016. Haddaway provides multiple reasons to engage in mock interviews, a practice interview to test strengths and weaknesses, such as helping boost candidate’s confidence and reduces stress. The article introduces career services for students entering the workplace and promotes using them to help individuals get a job. The article introduces the idea of pretend consultations, then provides evidence to…

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  • The Importance Of Interview Paralysis

    A comment on some less obvious issues relating to jobs and career change activity. Interview Paralysis? Preparation is your Protection You walk into the interview are greeted by two, four or maybe six beady eyes staring at you. Your mouth goes dry, you feel heat coming up your neck into your cheeks, and you know they are going red, you feel cold perspiration on your forehead, and in answer to a greeting you squeak or make a strange noise that sound vaguely like ‘good morning’. It’s happens…

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  • Understand The Importance Of Interviews

    As part of the Human resource management team, it is important to understand the importance of interviews and how it is arranged and conducted. Interview is one of the processes of managing the recruitment. Measom (2011) states that: It is one of the components under the human resource recruitment process in which, the human resource management team wished to find out more detailed information about a particular applicants/participants, or stakeholders and partners about their views on a…

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  • The Importance Of A Mock Interview

    An interview is large aspect on whether or not someone would be able to secure the job they want. If done poorly without preparation, they would miss out on a large opportunity. If, on the other hand, they went through the process meticulously prior to the actual interview, it is likely that they would get the position. There are also multiple points that they have to keep in mind; it’s not just about answering the questions. Instead, they must create a connection to the company, appear like a…

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  • Personal Reflection On Interview Skills

    not retain the greatest interview skills - I shake uncontrollably, I demonstrate high anxiety levels, and I find it challenging to think on the spot. For me, the questions, themselves, do not represent the stressor, but rather, the stress comes from knowing that the individual in front of me retains the ability to control my future career. Interviews exemplify an all-or-nothing situation - you either get the job or you do not. This past week, I participated in a mock interview role-play in…

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  • Aspen Pointe Interview

    Introduction I chose to interview a clinical supervisor at Aspen Pointe, who works in the adult and rural services division. To give a little background on Aspen Pointe it is one of the largest nonprofits in Colorado Springs, with roots that trace back 140 years to when it was called the Springs Relief Society (Aspen Pointe, n.d.). Aspen Pointe provides behavioral health care to the community, one patient at a time, they provide mental health and substance abuse services along with career and…

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  • How To Write An Interview Reflection

    Research Reflections: For me, conducting and taking part in interviews has always been a stressful affair. Whether it was for a position on band leadership, part of joining a program, or for one of my classes, interviewing has never been an activity I was confident with. However, while conducting the interviews for this project, it was much more open and much less stressful. Whether it was because I controlled the interview questions, or whether it was because I knew them, I didn’t feel the same…

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  • Three Types Of Unstructured Interviews

    There are three types of interviews: structured interviews, semi structured interviews, and unstructured interviews. Structured interviews are interviews that are formal such as telephone interviews, survey research and political polling. The interview is set up with a designed place ahead of time and a set of questions preplanned. Semi structured interviews are interviews that allows the interviewee to talk about a topic more “open minded” (pg. 87) rather than structured and to the point. The…

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  • Unstructured Interview Reflection Paper

    I would like to have better knowledge on the subject of evaluating and interviewing perspective employees. Having often taken part in multiple interviews for new employee evaluations at my company I would like to understand if there is a better or more effective method of interviewing that could potentially make this process better and more effective. We currently use an unstructured process and decisions are made more on gut feeling and interaction abilities rather than on resumes, work…

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