Jeannette Naquin Interview Essay

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The Interview: Who are Mike and Jeannette Naquin?
Who are Mike and Jeannette Naquin? I chose Mike and Jeannette Naquin to be my interviewers because of the relationship I have with them, and their life story truly interested and inspired me. I knew Mr. Mike all of my life, and he has worked for my dad as his shop foreman for as long as I can remember. He has watched me grow up and was able to play an important role in my life. Although I am close to Mr. Mike, I was not as close to his wife Mrs. Jeannette (at this point in my life). I had met her couple of times before, and she was always very nice and sweet to me, but I was never truly close to her. Recently, I had to job study her for a high school Career Choices class, and since she is a
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She had a long battle to become the nurse practitioner she is today. How did she overcome the struggles of being a woman in a man’s field? How she manages the balancing act of a mom, a career woman, and a student furthering her degree? How hard was it for Mr. Mike to become a “Mr. Dad” when he was raised where the mother did “everything”? How was being a “bayou boy” growing up? How hard was it moving from Arkansas to Louisiana? How different is living with an Arkansas native? What struggles they had to overcome as a couple? What made them as a couple so strong? How do they balance family life when they both work? What is their “couple” secret to success? These are the questions that I hope to learn and be answered in my upcoming interview. I also hope that these questions will arise new ones and help me see a deeper, underlying story that hides beneath the surface that is just waiting to be told. The only thing I am worried about is interviewing Mr. Mike because he can be private on some personal topics. I look forward to my interview with them because they are always a pleasure to be around. My goal is to uncover the real story of Mike and Jeannette

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