Family Interview Reflection

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The Interview The interview process went well. Even though I am familiar with this family, I still conducted the interview professionally. I started out by stating my name, that I am a Bachelor of Nursing Student and that the purpose of the interview is to learn more about the family and that everything discussed will be confidential. I began by asking Melissa questions on the structure and composition of her family, and I drew out a rough draft of a genogram as she was answering my questions and providing me with information. I asked her to tell me about three generations, including both her and Scott’s children and parents. I also asked her include ages and the dates of death for those who have passed away. Once she gave me that information, …show more content…
During the interview, the home environment was quiet with no distractions which made it appropriate for an interview. By conducting the interview within the family’s home, I also got a look at interactions among family members and to look at the status of the home and neighbourhood. Melissa, being a Licensed Practical Nurse, was knowledgeable and understood many of the chronic conditions, allergies, ilnesses etc. of her family members off hand, which made the interview process run smoothly. Melissa and her family were also very open to me coming and doing the interview, they were very welcoming and friendly. Even though there were many strengths, there were also limitations to the interview process as well. This was my first family assessment, so I may have appeared nervous at first. Melissa, Scott and Sarah were at home when I came for the interview, so I was able to observe interactions among them; however, Megan wasn’t home at the time so I was unable to observe interactions among her and her family members. When interviewing, I found it difficult to ask questions about death of family members because I feared that this would cause an unexpected emotional response; however, I utilized communication techniques I have learned in the past and Melissa was very responsive and it did not seem to affect her

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