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  • Personal Reflection On Preparing Interviews

    The majority of our efforts were spent on the interview protocol. Chung would instruct us to practice conducting interviews and report any feedback we had. Before this class, I had never conducted an interview. I was worried that was not going to have anything to offer the group due to my lack of experience. Also, I was nervous that I would slip up during an interview or freeze. I was lucky enough to have such supportive lab mates, who assured to me that I’d do fine. The first time I practiced…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Home Interviews

    Considering that I intend to interview children I decided interviews (qualitative data) would be the most appropriate…

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  • Routine Based Interview Analysis

    Conducting a Routine Based Interview During the interview it is crucial to remember that these are the family’s goals, and that you need to support them in what they need, and not try to convince them that their child needs something else. This is made to get a sense of how the family functions from day to day. First off when working out to schedule the interview make sure you tell the family 1. This meeting could last 2 hours 2. It is an in depth discussion about your daily lives and…

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  • Reflection On The In-Class Mock Interview

    experience from the in-class mock interview went extremely well in my opinion. I felt confident with my delivery and I was sure about my career choice. Coming into the situation, I felt nervous but after watching my fellow classmates ahead me, I understood how I needed to present myself. Coming off as confident in an interview was a key factor that I observed. I didn’t know how important posture and how well you project your voice was until I read the feedback after my interview. I always…

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  • Jeannette Naquin Interview Essay

    The Interview: Who are Mike and Jeannette Naquin? Who are Mike and Jeannette Naquin? I chose Mike and Jeannette Naquin to be my interviewers because of the relationship I have with them, and their life story truly interested and inspired me. I knew Mr. Mike all of my life, and he has worked for my dad as his shop foreman for as long as I can remember. He has watched me grow up and was able to play an important role in my life. Although I am close to Mr. Mike, I was not as close to his wife Mrs.…

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  • Interview Without Skills Analysis

    the topic. Interview Without Skills During the first interview, one of the things I tried to avoid using well was good eye-contact and body mirroring.…

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  • The Importance Of Semi-Structure Interviews

    Methodology Used Conducting interviews requires much thought, sophistication, and adaptability. For the current project, the respondents were only two in number, thus taking some strain off the process. Semi-structure interviews are tool well suited for this type of research . They allow the interviewer to formulate and adapt questions accordingly. Closed-ended questions are usually the rule to begin with, but they can be altered to open-ended questions much easier, when the interview is one on…

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  • Michael Hook Interview Assignment

    Final Field Project For this assignment, I chose to interview my boyfriend Michael Hook. Throughout the time we have dated, he has always been someone I’ve admired and continuously pushes me to become a better person in all aspects. I wanted to interview him because the story of his company, to me, is pretty commendable and an interesting topic to discuss. Considering we have been dating for over four years, there was no research needed to prepare for this topic; we have discussed his job…

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  • Professional Interview Attire Analysis

    Presence-Leslie Bateaste 1.) Clothing for the professional interview (male & female) such as slacks, suits, dresses, jackets, etc. Professional interview attire needs to be appropriate for each career setting. A rule of thumb for the female gender is that you cannot go wrong with a two piece suit. A pants suit with a coordinated blouse is a great option. However, if you decide to wear a dress or a skirt; make sure the length is appropriate for a formal interview. While in a sitting position,…

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  • Parent Interview Analysis Paper

    Parent Interview Analysis Parents always will look for the best for their children. Education is one of the most important things that parents focus their attention. In these days, parents look for school with a high academic level but also they are looking for school where they can feel welcome and encourage to be part of their children’s education. Parents play an important role in children’s education, when a child see their parents involved in the school activities, they feel proud and…

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