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  • Prosecuting Youth In Criminal Justice Research Paper

    Solberg 1 Reed Solberg CJUS/POLS 205 Mrs. Smith 16 November 2015 Prosecuting Youth in Criminal Justice Field The Criminal Justice system was first brought about knowing that children have different roles and obligations then adults. Lately there have been many rules and laws that have made us change what the Criminal Justice was built on. This is because it is hard to find a happy medium between throwing a child in prison or sending them through a rehabilitation program. When the United…

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  • Should Teens Be Tried As Adults

    Kids at ages 7-17 are considered juveniles and can be sentenced to an adult without the possibility of parole (Aliprandini 2). James Stewart was one of the two suicides by young people in Colorado jails that help spur a significant change in state laws (Schwartz 8). States are trying to keep more juvenile offenders in the juvenile justice system instead of being tried as adults. Teens shouldn’t be tried as adults because their brains aren’t fully developed, they have a chance of rehabilitation,…

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  • Locking Up Children In The Juvenile Justice System

    Chief (Bilderaya, 2005). Every year in the United States hundreds of thousands youth are locked away in the nation’s 591 secure detention centers (Holman & Ziedenberg, 1921). When discussing detention centers, they are supposed to change and rehabilitate the children’s lives effectively to enhance their chance to avoid the juvenile justice system. Instead juvenile detention centers are the juvenile justice system’s version of “jail,” sharing the same dynamics, where the youth are being held…

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  • Case Study: Kids For Cash

    This recommendation spoke on the fact that many of the parents of the children who encountered Ciavarella have been involved just as much as the children themselves. They went through a lot trying to remove their children from detention facilities. These parents had to work extremely hard to find ways to protect the constitutional rights of their children, and it should never get to that point because everyone has rights that they are obligated to. There should automatically be…

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  • Juvenile Detention Centers Case Study

    of the US Criminal Justice System has led many to question the effectiveness of juvenile detention centers. The goal of juvenile detention centers should be to ensure that the individual, on release, can be a functional law-abiding citizen. Currently 54,000 juveniles are in youth prisons. If it were one prison system, “it would be the fifth largest in the US”. The greatest concern about juvenile detention centers is whether or not it is creating a culture of violence in which these thousands…

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  • Coming From Where Im From Analysis

    I started my organization to help kids around the Louisiana area. For example my organization is to try help kids stay out of trouble. Like for the kids that 's in and out of juvnile detention is to help them change the life around while they are still young. Also on every 2nd saturday of the month I have a event called Come Out and Share your Story. It 's where we have kids and adults that 's been in trouble through out their and tell…

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  • Delinquency In Juveniles

    Multiple factors have been identified that may contribute to delinquent behaviors in juveniles. These contributing factors include traumatic child abuse and neglect, inappropriate parenting behaviors, delinquent behaviors of peers, educational issues, and a history of maladjustment (Donges, 2015). Trauma can involve witnessing the attack, abuse, or endangerment of another human being, or being the victim of a threat or dangerous situation. What makes events traumatic is the feelings that…

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  • 17 Year Old In Prison Essay

    The average weight and height of a 17-year-old male is 142 lbs. and 5ft. 7 in. tall. The average weight and height of a 17-year-old female is 120 lbs. and 5ft. 3in. tall (Disabled-World). The average 17-year-olds intelligence about their actions and repercussions is close to none. After reading these things, does it seem fair to place a 17-year-old in adult prisons and jails? Sadly, multiple states place teenagers into their adult system everyday. Erik Eckholm of The New York Times states,…

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  • Judge Ciavarella Essay

    Ciavarella was the ringmaster behind one of the biggest prison scandals in recent years. Ciavarella was said to have received more than $ 2,600,000 of secret income from a series of deals with the developers of a privately run, for-profit juvenile detention center (Temple University of the Commonwealth, 2012). “The goal of juvenile court has always been rehabilitation, but it was a revolving door of punishment and incarceration under former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella” (Kalinowski,…

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  • Juvenile Rehabilitation

    status offenses, is in affect to make sure that if a minor commits an offense such as running away, using or possessing alcohol or tobacco, that would not be considered a crime if an adult committed it, that the juvenile is not sent to juvenile detention facility. Instead, this protection focuses immensely on alternative rehabilitation. This meant that other services such as counseling, peer-mentoring, and community-building started to become implicated in the rehabilitation of juveniles in need…

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