Immigration detention

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  • Youth Criminal Justice Act Analysis

    Envision yourself as a fourteen-year-old sitting in a secluded prison for merely disregarding your C-train ticket once in your life. Before the Youth Criminal Justice Act, unreasonable consequences were thrown at you after only committing a minor offence by accident. That’s how important the Youth Criminal Justice Act is; it addresses youth crime in a fair and equitable manner. Since the introduction of the Youth Criminal Justice Act in 2003, we have seen the youth crime rate lower, youth are…

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  • Dual Status Youth Essay

    2. Community-based alternatives. Community-based programs offer a more productive outcome than we youth are criminalized especially for petty crimes. When youth expriences being formally processed or held in custody it begins a cycle of disruption that it causes, not only affects them but disturbs the bonds between that youth, their family, and their community. 3. Dual-status youth. Dual status youth are youth who bounces between child welfare and juvenile justice systems and at times are…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Incarceration For Juveniles

    understand the consequences of incarceration for juveniles, and be informed about the alternatives to incarceration. In order to discuss the alternatives to incarceration for juveniles, one must understand why there is a need for the alternatives. Detention centers were originally intended to hold…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Immigrant Detention

    All over the United States, Immigrant detention locks up hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year. Like prison mates, each wall carefully designed to hold one back from their freedom. These immigrant detention is where thousands of illegal individuals awaits a ruling of deportation or not. These includes the thousands of Central Americans families seeking asylum. Asylum is the legal protection afforded by the United States government to a person who can demonstrate a fear of persecution…

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  • Problem Of Immigration Essay

    attempted entries continue to grow. The US has tried to control and reduce the number of immigrant by implementing harsh immigration policies and increasing boarder patrol. However, instead of addressing the problem, there has only been an increase of immigrants being held in detention centers sometimes for year and an increase of deportations as well. Neither, stricter immigration policies nor increased enforcement, has decrease the income of immigrants. Its safe to say that these “solutions”…

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  • Importance Of Immigration Issues Essay

    continuously dealt with immigration. Aversion and hostility usually greet immigrant communities once they cross the ocean or physical border that separates them from the ‘land of opportunity’. Although America encompasses people of many different national and ethnic backgrounds and integrates aspects of foreign cultures into the society the American government however, delegates very harshly with regards to foreign migration populations. Harsh laws, such as the Illegal Immigration Reform and…

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  • Karen Winston Immigration Case Study

    Get in touch with the best immigration law office firm in US Summary- This article intends to provide in-depth information to the viewers’ about the immigration law office firm in US and its services. Whom to contact to fight the case of detention at Baker county detention center? Although there are many immigration law offices in USA, the Law Office of Karen Winston is considered as the best because it provides excellent immigration representation in a variety of intricate cases. The Karen…

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  • Mandatory Detention In Australia

    Mandatory detention is an understandable method to maintain a safe and healthy environment in Australia. However, the way that we practise this system is horribly immoral and misguided. The Australian government needs to provide better conditions for asylum seekers, set a 30 day limit on detention, and eliminate offshore and remote centres. Offshore detention centres are pigsty-like prisons and refugees face potential indefinite imprisonment. Refugees seeking political asylum on our shores have…

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  • Sleepers Movie Analysis

    Father Bobby. Lorenzo came from an abusive household with an abusive father. It was only natural that he would cling to a man who appeared to have a strong heart, not a cowardly one. There was one incident where Father Bobby came to the Juvenile Detention Center to see how Lorenzo was doing. Lorenzo tells Father Bobby everything that’s been going on, besides the fact that they’re getting raped by the guards. He trusts Father Bobby with almost everything, that’s why they have such a strong bond,…

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  • Dan Maccalair Argumentative Essay

    to survive with. The next critical stage, in which a brain enters development, begins during the adolescence years, where teenagers learn more than ever (aside from ages one to two). When a youth commits a crime and then sentenced to a juvenile detention center, and quite often adult prisons, the young adult loses valuable time to turn their lives around and learn valuable morals, ideas, and general knowledge. As said by the executive director Dan Maccalair of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal…

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