Immigration detention

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  • Essay On The Pow Camps In Unbroken By Louis Zamperin

    POWs during WWII During World War II there were hundreds of POW camps that were located across the United States, Asia, and Europe. POW camps were camps that held prisoners of war. These POW camps were supposed to follow the international laws of the Geneva Convention, but a lot of the time the camp officials did not follow these regulations. Laura Hillenbrand’s biography Unbroken, describes the life of Louis Zamperini who was an American POW that was captured and lived in several Japanese POW…

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  • Assess The Role Of Migration In Australia

    the majority of Australians are irritated of refugees. An increasing number of citizens say refugees are threatening our stability and taking the funds that are needed to improve the lives of citizens, for example by expenditure on building more detention centers. The Australian government tries and help refugees as much as they can, for example on 9 September 2015, they announced that it would make an extra 12,000 humanitarian places available in response to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq,…

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  • Analysis Of The Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative

    This exposed me to an overview of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) and how successful the program became and continues to grow. But, I wanted to know more specifically what JDAI is before recognizing the impressive statistical achievements this program has reported. So, I downloaded the full 40-page report and learned the following… The main purpose, or goal, for creating the JDAI was to decrease the number of juveniles in detention and to do that without compromising…

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  • Asylum Seekers Research Paper

    such strict immigration law and policy for refugees like Australia, this report reveals the contradictions between Australian's legal system with the UN policy of human rights; and research also shows that the attempt made has not been enough on gaining remarkable progress. In recent years, countries that are suffering war and poverty like Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq occupy a significant number of asylum seekers coming to Australia by boats (p5). However,…

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  • Unaccompanied Child Migration

    Among the solutions was the United Nations recommendation that there be an alternative to detention centers established for this population, and only as a last resort should a child be held there. Due to a lack of protection for children, it was also proposed that children be placed with a guardian. The guardian would be appointed by an independent organization created for that purpose. One of the reasons this was stipulated was that children without a familial unit, are increasingly vulnerable…

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  • Are Refugees Affecting Social Cohesion In Australia?

    economical and conflict issues are sent to detention centres where they are “left 4 dead”. They’re held in detention centres for weeks on end awaiting entry into the country. Most of the children in the detention centre won’t communicate, it is just so overwhelming for young children. anxiety, depression for children at that age creates early mental retardation. Most children who…

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  • Essay About Immigration In Australia

    Throughout Australia’s history, immigration has played a very important part in the development of the nation. As Australia was colonized and political parties took laws into effect, it has become more of a process to migrate to Australia if an individual is from another country. To control the flow of people wanting to immigrate to Australia, the Government has made laws and policies. The inpour of immigrants has dramatically increased as refugees in countries such as Syria have to seek safe…

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  • Sex Trafficking Characteristics

    time, the first characteristic I would look for is to find runaway children because runaway children are most at risk to become a victim. I would work with organizations such as the Homeless Youth Alliance, Safehaven, and the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center to help identify children who may not have a home. Unfortunately, every family is…

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  • Theoretical Effects Of Immigration

    anthropological interpretation, but an explanation on how an application for immigration relief works. Human beings who request immigration relief exist in Turner’s liminal zone, or in other words, their suffering is non-existent for the State until they go through the “ritual” of the legal process. Their stories, and foremost suffering are always there, they do not disappear, nor change after being granted with an immigration status; the fact that “There is undoubtedly dignity in the decision…

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  • Citizenship And Immigration Analysis

    Citizenship and immigration are highly controversial topics in the United States. Presently, the Presidential elections have put immigration at the forefront of many public debates. Undocumented citizens and how they are death with has become the subject of much disputation amongst politicians, state, and federal government. Michelle Chen recently wrote an article for The Nation concerning a high school student in North Carolina that is being prevented from going to school due to undocumented…

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