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  • Juvenile Incarceration In California

    juvenile incarceration in California the community needs of East Los Angeles have changed. California is rated among the worst states by placing a large amount of juveniles in detention and correction facilities from the ages of 10-21. (Cite) In 2002, California was ranked 46th out the 50 states with the rate of 392 youth in detention and correctional facilities. (Cite) There were a total of 53,830 juveniles incarcerated by police and a total of 31,081 juveniles were accused of committing a…

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  • Juvenile Incarceration

    Good morning. Society is faced with an increasingly growing problem. The problem is that children and teens are committing heinous crimes at a young age. The question is, do we sentence these children and teens to incarceration for the rest of their lives, or do we instead try to rehabilitate these teens and children and find the root causes of these problems? Do we not give them a second chance and let them rot in prison, or do we rehabilitate them and help them become important members of…

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  • Locked Up And Lost: Article Analysis

    Locked Up and Lost Imagine spending 10 years of your life in prison without any chance of parole, and unimaginable living conditions, at the age of 16. Over the past years, concern and speculation of criminal justice revolving around juveniles has increased tremendously. In an article about juvenile criminals being sentenced as adults, Clark Merrefield of the Daily Beast explains why this may not be the best way to punish these young criminals. This article takes readers through the lens of Sean…

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  • Lost In Detention Summary

    Can the augmented fixation on the topic of immigration be an unequivocal complication for the United States government and its citizens? The answer to this inquisition is yes, and it is particularly due to unconventional ideologies bestowed to the American civilization by biased media outlets. Some of these ideologies are based on the financial instability, moral threat, and the public safety of American families, which have consequently generated fear, uncertainty, and desperation. Furthermore…

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  • Rhetoric Of Refugees Essay

    The Rhetoric of Migration in News Media Canada has a long history of humanitarian action welcoming refugees from all over the world. Starting on the year 1776 when 3,000 Black Loyalists came to Canada fleeing the American Revolution, the country has provided refuge to those escaping hardship. Thus, conventional wisdom would dictate that welcoming refugees is embedded in the country’s dominant cultural discourse. To explore this topic, this literature review will focus on three major themes…

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  • A Case Study On Suicide Ideation And Suicide

    The study on suicide ideation and suicide attempt, which was the thesis of this article focused on the consequences of multiple adverse life experiences, included male and female adolescents at an urban juvenile detention facility in Ohio (Bhatta, Jefferis, Kavadas, Alemagno & Shaffer-King, 2014). The four adverse life events which were the primary focus of the study are: (1) sexual abuse, (2) homelessness, (3) running away, and (4) substance abuse in the family. The authors believe that an…

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  • Juvenile Collaboration

    on youth confinement is “sticker shock” (2014). There is a criterion which affirms that temporary confinement of juvenile offenders is still overused in the United States. An established and expanding embodiment of research shows that pre-trial detention and post-adjudication confinement for youth can have remarkably adverse consequences for the juveniles’ ability to get back on the right track.…

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  • Juveniles In The Criminal Justice System

    execution to modern solitary confinement, the justice system has seen some pretty drastic reform. In 1948, juvenile detention facilities were added in to the criminal justice system. (Muncie) The system has since undergone several reforms to make it what it is today. Throughout all the reform, one commonality has always remained; that is the use of “shock-discipline” (Muncie). Detention facilities are meant to shock adolescents into behaving in a desirable manner. Criminal justice is designed to…

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  • Life Sentence For Juveniles Essay

    Life Sentences For juveniles. I am a pro in this situation of teens being charged as adults. Juveniles are being charged as adults now a days more and more cause to the crimes they are committing. Teens are doing these crimes and are not realizing the consequences to these crimes. They have that mindset that if they do something they won’t face serious charges due to their age. There is 1st degree 2nd degree third degree and involuntary manslaughter. I am a pro because I believe that if an…

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  • Application Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer

    Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, often times those mistakes lead individuals to become incarcerated. I want to be in law enforcement because I have seen how crime can have a negative impact on communities. Growing up in a St. Petersburg, Florida, I have seen how drug dealers and crime harmed communities, and affected families. I believe that receiving my Bachelors of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies will equip me with the tools that I need to be a successful law enforcement…

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