Immigration detention

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  • Monster By Dean Myers Summary

    books made my Walter Dean Myers had an inspiration by getting close and familiar to the particular character he writes about such as if he was writing a book on a teen on trial such as this book called “Monster” what he would do is visit a juvenile detention center and interview and have a word with some of the inmates to relate with their…

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  • Why Do Juvenile Criminals Deserve To Go To Adult Prisons

    Do juveniles deserve to go to adult prisons? It has long been debated whether juveniles who did serious crimes should be sent in adult prisons. Some people believe that juveniles who commit adult crime must go to adult prisons. Some people believe that it is unfair for juveniles because they are young and their brains are still not fully developed. The Juvenile Justice System provides rehabilitation to the youth offenders who are under the age of 25. The Proposition 21, which was passed in 2000,…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Minors Be Tried?

    The reason children who are minors should be tried as adults are to keep society safe and better off. The average ages for juvenile delinquents to commit crimes is usually between the ages of fifteen to nineteen(From Juvenile Delinquency to Young Adult Offending), which means they have had at least fifteen years to learn what’s right and wrong. And even then they are seen as to be rehabilitated instead of simply tried and sentenced. If a minor can commit murder, he or she should be sentenced…

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  • The Importance Of Juveniles In Adult Prisons

    A juvenile being in an adult prison is a message saying ‘lost hope’. This means that since they are giving juvenile extremely hard sentences, it give them no hope for their future and no hope for themselves either. They would be stuck as criminals for rest of the eternity. Some juveniles doesn’t want to lose that hope that they probably decided to never commit crime ever again if it’s mean losing their dream goals. The child won’t be able to continue his maturity and growing up to be an adult…

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  • Prison Reform: The United States Prison System

    There is a humanitarian crisis happening in the United States right now and it is getting no coverage. Hundreds of thousands of people, some as young as 14, are having their rights and freedoms stripped away, and in some cases in no fault of their own. These people are then forced into places around the county where they are surrounded by violent people who will take advantage of them at every turn. If they ever get to leave those places they will on average leave with a damaged psyche and a…

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  • Mandatory Detention In Australia

    Mandatory detention is an understandable method to maintain a safe and healthy environment in Australia. However, the way that we practise this system is horribly immoral and misguided. The Australian government needs to provide better conditions for asylum seekers, set a 30 day limit on detention, and eliminate offshore and remote centres. Offshore detention centres are pigsty-like prisons and refugees face potential indefinite imprisonment. Refugees seeking political asylum on our shores have…

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  • Chlamydia Case Study

    Chlamydia screening for all females in juvenile detention amenities is suggested at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Torrone et al., 2015). Recognizing common factors of chlamydia could allow only specific screenings which would then reduce costs while still revealing many infections (Torrone et al. 2015). The study used various factors to classify features affiliated with chlamydia among females aged 12 to 18 years old in a juvenile detention facility in San Diego during January…

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  • Juvenile Justice System: A Case Study

    today’s society there are an increasing number of juvenile delinquents, with that, so is the rate of mental health disorders. More than 2 million youth are arrested every year in the United Sates; more than 600,000 are processed through juvenile detention centers; and more than 93,000 are placed in secure juvenile correctional facilities ( Snyder & Sickmund, 2006). With one and every five kids in the system having a treatable mental disorder, the juvenile justice system should have an…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Life In Prison

    These juveniles are unable to make decisions when being put under an extreme situation. Recent research shows that sentencing kids does not help them decrease recidivism and just increases crime. These kids are better off going on to a juvenile detention facilities that have programs to help these kids rehabilitate. Prisons do not have these programs to help…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Small Church

    I grew up in a small church, where my mom was a Sunday school teacher and my dad was the Assistant Pastor. They also were involved in the youth a lot. Growing up, I can remember driving down the road on our way to church and seeing kids that knew or my mom knew and we would ask them if they wanted to go to church with us. Next thing you knew, we have like 5-6 local kids going to church with us. I can remember when we use to ask them where they lived so we could make sure that it was alright with…

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