Negative Effects Of Youth Incarceration

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Our country faces multiple problems that are all at different levels. Some are more important than others and affect everyone differently. One of the problems in our country is youth incarceration. Youth Incarceration needs to be reconfigured into a positive changing experience for troubled teens instead of a horrible time that effects the reason of their lives in a negative way. Youth incarceration is when a young adult younger than eighteen is sentenced to serve a certain amount of time in a detention facility or an adult prison if the crime is big enough for that form of punishment. Nearly 55,000 young persons were detained in residential placements in 2013 (Child Trends, 2015). People tend to ignore youth incarceration because they view …show more content…
Some have a positive effect and are able to continue life successfully. Many have negative effect. Juvenile incarceration decreases the chances of high school graduation by thirteen to thirty-nine percentage points and increases the chances of incarceration as an adult by thirty-three to forty-one percentage points, as compared to the average public school student in the same area (Journalist’s Resources, 2015). When a person is sentenced to prison or a detention facility, they will also have that over their heads. When applying for schools or jobs they will have to inform their superior. When people found out that someone has a criminal record they tend to look at the person as if they are dangerous no matter what the crime actually was. Once a child is sent to a facility their life will changes drastically. In Texas, a recent study found that youth in community-based treatment, activity, and surveillance programs had lower rearrest rates than those with similar criminal histories and demographic characteristics who were released from state facilities (The PEW Charitable Trusts, 2015). The Judicial System needs to understand that sentencing child cannot help them if they can not be able to continue with their life. They will also be looked at as lesser of a person for a mistake that they made as a child. As a teenager, people do not look at the future. They just look at the present time and how they fix their lives

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