Essay About Immigration In Australia

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Throughout Australia’s history, immigration has played a very important part in the development of the nation. As Australia was colonized and political parties took laws into effect, it has become more of a process to migrate to Australia if an individual is from another country. To control the flow of people wanting to immigrate to Australia, the Government has made laws and policies. The inpour of immigrants has dramatically increased as refugees in countries such as Syria have to seek safe residence.
Due to this, the Government has implemented policies that creates an extensive process to gain housing in Australia. These processes have been very successful in controlling the substantial amount of illegal immigrants attempting to come to
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Less than 0.1 percent ( 2012) of international residences overstay their visas and the complex border protection in airports and at sea make it nearly impossible for illegal immigrants to be smuggled into the country. Dramatic policy changes that have been put into effect due to the increase in refugees has made Australia one of the hardest countries to gain residency in the western world. The eminently strict policies that the Australian Government has enforced to restrict the flow of all immigrants and refugees has proven to be successful in doing so. Although this has caused controversy with the Australian people as to why refugees and asylum seekers are being denied regardless of human rights, on a large scale the results show that the policies are effective.

The amount of illegal immigrants migrating to Australia has dramatically increased over the past ten years and this is causing changes in the policies and laws that the Government implements. Although the amount of immigrants that attempting to come to Australia is increasing, the restrictions that have come into place have provided to be successful in limiting the total illegitimate individuals making their way to the

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