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  • Red Squirrels Rising Analysis

    Clearly, the article Red Squirrels Rising by Erik Stokstad is about how the gray squirrel which was first introduced in North America, is completely annihilating their cousin, the red squirrel. The red squirrel is already endangered and might even go extinct if the gray squirrels keep invading and destroying their habitat. Aside from the gray squirrels surmounting the red squirrels for resources and shelter, they “also carry a deadly virus called squirrelpox. Gray squirrels are immune, but when…

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  • The Controversy Of Poisonous Berries

    Poisonous berries are berries that contain toxins or poison. The average berry is small, pulpy, and often edible. Most berries are edible but some are poisonous to humans. Some are poisonous when unripe and edible when ripe. It is important to avoid poisonous berries. Some berries can even be deadly. If a handful of poisonous berries are consumed by a child, the child could immediately die. When out in the wilderness, it is also important to know which poisonous berries are which and how to…

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  • Comparing 'Being Prey And A Sound Of Thunder'

    In this essay it’ll show you about 2 stories that have members of the dinosaur family. In the stories these members of the dinosaur family are predators. Also in this essay it’ll be comparing the setting, main characters, and conflicts between “Being Prey” and “The Sound of Thunder” The setting between “Being Prey” and “A Sound of Thunder”. The setting is different because “Being Prey” in the swamp. In “The Sound of Thunder” is in the jungle. They are similar because they both are dangerous.…

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  • Skipper Butterfly Book Report

    I read about animal “sharpshooters.” This book talked about many animals that have interesting adaptations. They shoot substances (poison, gases, blood, feces, webs, their own organs, water, etc) to ward off predators or catch prey. I actually just picked a book off a shelf that seemed packed with information since I was open to learn and/or read anything. This book was really a good pick though. It included information about animals I never knew about or didn’t know a lot about. Did you know…

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  • Research Paper On Animal Poaching

    important than innocent animals getting slaughtered. People are focusing on things that have no importance. They are blinded by the fact that animals are becoming extinct and many people do not realize that. More species are becoming endangered due to hunting, pollution, or the destruction of their environment. Sooner or later we might not have any species around because of our careless actions and our inability to prevent it. Most of the Rhino population is located in South Africa; which is…

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  • Buck's Transformation

    last squarely met shoulder… as Spitz disappeared from view.” (Chapter 3, Page 9) When Buck killed Spitz, this showed that he was no longer a civilized dog. He will do anything to protect himself, even if it means killing another dog. He is starting to act more like his wolf ancestors. This was probably the most major event to transform Buck, but one more thing happened before he became fully wild. The last thing to transform Buck into a primitive dog was the death of John Thornton. “John…

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  • Ocelot Research Paper

    ARE OCELOTS AT A RISK OF EXTINCTION? The ocelot, a nocturnal wildcat is one of many species to be on the endangered species list. Endangered species are living organisms that are at risk of extinction since their population is low. Depending on the region the ocelots fur ranges from a golden yellow to a dark brown with irregular patches and stripes. These wild cats are much larger than domestic cats, but are considerably smaller than other wild cats such as jaguars and tigers. Their tail can…

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  • Artemis: Artemis, The Goddess Of The Hunt

    the name of Artemis. Following her birth, her twin brother Apollo was born. As Artemis matured, she began to appear more appealing. The virgin goddess was admired by many men and gods. She was pure and guarded her virginity vigorously. If one did not act upon a deed she had granted she would grow antagonized and lose ones composure. She was given seven nymphs to protect her. Artemis, whose Roman name is Diana, is the goddess of the hunt along with being the goddess of wilderness,wild life, child…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Conch Shell Analysis

    What happens to a group of boys left all alone in the wild with no adult supervision? There are many possibilities, but they will most likely become wild, savage, and barbaric. As much as they would try to be civilized, it is definitely a lot easier said than done. It would be stressful to find clean water, make shelter, and kill food. Rules will be made and then broken. People will turn against each other. There is a ton of symbolism in the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, but…

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  • The Most Dangerous Game Sanger Rainsford Character Analysis

    On a small island in the caribbean. There is a man. A man that is evil in every way. His prey is others. His name is General Zaroff. Welcome to ship trap island. The title to this awakening story is “The Most Dangerous Game” By Richard Connell. The other character , the main character is Sanger Rainsford. He is brave and filled with immense amounts of courage and skill. He is honest and full of integrity, He is a very skilled hunter also. This story is about the feud between two professional…

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