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  • Clyde Collins Snow

    Clyde Collins Snow, or “the Sherlock of Bones” as many called him, died at the age of 86. Left a renowned career, unraveling some of the deepest mysteries of the era; among his success was testifying against Saddam Hussein and, the American serial killer, John Wayne Gacey. Clyde Snow was one of the world’s leading forensic anthropologists. On January 7, 1928, in Fort Worth, Texas, Clyde Snow was born. His father was a country doctor, whose practice ranged thirty miles in every direction. Snow…

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  • Bilby Research Paper

    The bilby is an interesting animal that looks like a jigsaw-puzzle mishap. Part rabbit, chinchilla, and kangaroo, it is quite an unusual creature, but it is well adapted to life in the desert. Medium size, varied diet and the ability to speedily reproduce, this animal is well equipped for a harsh life. Bilbys, also known as rabbit eared bandicoots, are among the largest in the bandicoot family, measuring up to 55 centimeters in length with a tail of around 29 centimeters. It possesses…

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  • Comparing Lord Of The Flies And Asch's Conformity Study

    time again that all the boys had a tendency to follow the person they felt they would survive longer with. This is really evident when Ralph and Jack get into the argument over what was more important, getting off the island they are trapped on, or hunting. Even though it was clear the boys should have focused on getting off the island, the majority followed Jack, because he let the younger kids have fun and would not keep on them…

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  • Personal Narrative: Newfoundland

    One unique, true thing about me is that I own 5 Newfoundlands. I’ve owned a total of 5 in my lifetime. A lot can be learned from owning Newfoundlands. One of them we own now, Hoosier, is the size of a horse! On 2 legs, he would be about 6 feet tall. He’s a Landseer, meaning he’s black and white. We have bred three litters with our dog Saydee. The puppies are not that commonly bred around here, so people from Iowa, Indiana, and even a family from California have come to buy them! They were bred…

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  • Arctic Pochee Research Paper

    The Arctic Pochee is a close relative of a cheetah and a polar bear. The Arctic Pochee has many of the cheetahs traits and many of the polar bears traits. The Arctic Pochee lives in a rocky environment with harsh cold weather, lots of precipitation, wind, and small mountains. There is very little vegetation there but there some grasses, trees, and shrubs. The Arctic Pochee eats water animals like fish and sea urchins. There are many lakes and there is an ocean nearby, this is wear the Arctic…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Bigfoot

    Introduction: If you saw a big, hairy creature through the trees, in the forest, how would you react? Many people get scared of Bigfoot in the woods. What you need to know is, Bigfoot is fake. Evidence #1: Many conjectures are made each year about Bigfoot. Reading this article, “Georgia Bigfoot Hoax Draws Global Attention” says that Matthew Whitton and his buddy, Rick Dyer have proof of a dead Bigfoot. Whitton was interviewed and he later admitted that “Bigfoot was a fake and he was not…

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  • Sara Pennypacker's Pax Chapter Summaries

    this time the novel is about a boy and his fox Attention kids ages 10 to 14: explore the world of “Pax” by Sara Pennypacker in this awesome program just for summer readers like you! What: Books Alive: “Pax” (Ages 10-14) When: Friday, July 29 – 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Where: The West Woods Nature Center, 9465 Kinsman Road (Rt. 87), Russell Township To celebrate this book about the powerful relationship between a boy and his fox, we’ll try all the tricks of sight, sound and smell a fox…

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  • Case Study: Cuss Creek Taxidermy

    We invite residents from across the area to take advantage of our incredible services at Cuss Creek Taxidermy. If you have a bear, duck, elk or moose that is in need of mounting, we are the place for you. With 15 years in business, our family owned and operated business has over 30 years of experience in the business. We are guaranteed to provide you with 100% satisfaction to exceed your expectations. If you are in the area and have recently caught a big buck that you’re looking to show off,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Hunting And Fishing

    Hunting and fishing has been around since the earliest people on Earth. People have been trying to perfect the ways of which they are done for thousands upon thousands of years. Hunting and fishing is primarily done because it is a necessity for living or hunters and fisherman do it for fun. A lot of people do both, however. Although what happens when people hunt an area too much or overfish a lake or stream? Overhunting and overfishing can put a hurt on the environment, and the different…

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  • Sympetrum Case Study

    Water skimmer nymphs were collected in the littoral zone of the oxbow lake area at Howell Wetlands in Vanderburgh County on September 21st, 2017. The specimen was identified to the following taxonomic groups: Phylum Arthropoda Class Insecta Order Odonata Family Libellilidae Genus Sympetrum Identification of the specimen began by noticing an hour…

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