Grey Wolf Research Paper

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The Cuon alpinus (dhole) is unique since they have one less molar an both side of their lower jaws then most canids. They tend to have a more bushy coat the is typically red or a brown color. They are secondary consumers that are fed upon by tigers and leopards. While they do bark and how, these animals actually whistle to communicate. They whistle mainly to regather the pack or alert the pack of a threat. These animals have a short but broad muzzle to trap heat. When in a pack, they have fewer females than males. The females have pups then go to create new packs. Dhole have been known to make packs large enough to take down tigers, but it is not common.

The red wolves are similar to their cousins, grey wolves. But are smaller in size and strength. While similar to grey wolves, they actually have cross-breeded with coyotes when grey wolves will kill coyotes. This creates a hybrid called coy wolves. They are usually nocturnal but they will come out during the day in winter months. They are pack animals but the pack sizes are typically smaller than what you you find with grey wolves and dholes. They have thick reddish brown fur. They have thickly padded paws that can withstand
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But they may vary. Coyotes have thin and long muzzles that are used to get into small burrows to catch small rodents.They are thinner and smaller than red wolves because they pounce into small burrows when hunting. They form packs for protection and to hunt larger prey. They have larger ears that are for releasing heat when needed. With coyotes, they typically don't have a dominant pair but sometimes there can be. Coyotes tend to stick to hunting small prey such as birds, rodents, fish, and many other animals. Although they can hunt in larger groups for larger prey, they approach their prey from the front. Coyotes have been preyed upon by cougars, bears, and others that are large and powerful enough to kill

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